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  1. wax wizard

    Mad March Group Buy - we need your help !!

    :) Due to a technical outage with blueyonder for 7 dyas last week, the event started yesterday Monday 10th March and closes 1700 hrs Friday 4th April.
  2. wax wizard


    Of course if you uise such kind of spirit cleaners you will need to rewax the problem areas again. I use magerine or olive oil to remove tar spots or a clay bar. The use of olive oil/margering will not destroy the wax coating.
  3. wax wizard

    Windcreen Cleaning?

    Graham...I will clean the windscreen for you on the GTG on the 16th !:)
  4. wax wizard

    March GTG Participants

    :) Anyone coming from down in Devon or Cornwall? Sounds as though I am going to have to leave at 0500..yuk. At least the roads will be relatively clear for the first few hrs. C ya all there.
  5. wax wizard

    FAO Koolvin

    :D Thx Koolvin...I see it ..thx. Just writing to you now.
  6. wax wizard

    FAO Koolvin

    Hi Koolvin..can you pse be so kind as to send me a quick blank email that I can reply to with some info for you, the club, members etc. Thx Mark....
  7. wax wizard

    Suspense is over.

    :) Well done m8 and welcome to the world of freedom!
  8. wax wizard

    Dream Car

    :) A Mb E320 CDi Estate or MB E400CDi Estate
  9. wax wizard

    Don't think i'm welcome at Greenoaks any more...

    Maff...sorry to read your tale of woe. As to the oil stain this is very simple to overcome. You'll need to lay yer hands on some IPA (IsoPrpoanol Alcohol) Use it sparingly and it will remove the stain for you . If the stain is too "deep" it is still possible to solve and you'll need out...
  10. wax wizard

    My PC

    That is VERY COOL. I love the case with the trick cooling...jubbly!:)
  11. wax wizard

    Mercedes MPEG - F1 vs E55 vs A160

    I'm a lover of AMG esp as I ran an E55 a few years ago.What power etc but nothing copmpared to the F1 car. Awesome!!
  12. wax wizard

    What polish/wax do you use?

    Welcome to swissol. These pages have been written for readers and consumers in the United Kingdom and the European Community. Here, you will find described, a range of vehicle care products and methodology. Swissol products are, quite possibly, the world’s very finest quality. This is not an...
  13. wax wizard

    What polish/wax do you use?

    :) Jimmy...I see where you are coming from. However, virtually all off the shelf products are designed around a price and are always a compromise. Each of our products are hand made, hand poured and hand labelled and we spare no expense in using the finest products that money can buy. Much in...
  14. wax wizard

    What polish/wax do you use?

    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents and of course my man Gary. I am available 7 days a week for discussion on Car Care and Concours preparation. As you know Gary430 has been using my product for some years. Nowadays I make very little as I sold up some years ago to the company that you'll see in...
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