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  1. Nifty65

    Forum Membership

    As a recent member to this forum I have already noticed one or two similar traits to a couple of other forums I have belonged to for many years. My reason for joining the forums is because I am an enthusiast and presume this is most peoples reason. We are not incredibly wealthy people but have...
  2. Nifty65

    New Member question

    Hello fellow MB fans, As a new contributor may I ask if it is preferred that one searches for existing topics and then adds to them or is it acceptable to start a new thread about a subject that has been discussed before. From other forums that I belong to there have been mixed thoughts on...
  3. Nifty65

    20116 X218 350d Fuel Filter access

    Good evening chaps, I have carried out my own servicing for a number of years now on a variety of models but this one has got me beat! To access the fuel filter it appears that it is necessary to dismantle half the engine (exaggeration permitted to make the point). Seriously, after removal of...
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