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  1. Tim203

    Custom parts.

    Hello moderators,I am unable to post a new thread in anything other than General or off topic. This is rather frustrating as I am trying to offer the forum bespoke small batches of exhaust parts( if there is any interest of course). As some might know we do not often do automotive systems as our...
  2. Tim203

    Motaquip LVXL 1073 Brake pads

    Couldn't post on brakes section as app needs updating for iPhone (apparently) Bought the above pads for the sport package calipers on my 203. They are 122 mm wide with anti-squeal shims and DO NOT FIT. Fortunately I have a milling machine so can machine them down. Should be 120mm overall width!
  3. Tim203

    W203 lower front arm

    Sorry about wrong place but can't start threads in technical for some reason. My question is are the lower arms for sport pack suspension different to standard ? I put a new arm ( non genuine but expensive pattern) on this evening and the steering wheel is so far off centre looking left the ESP...
  4. Tim203

    Sammelbestellung for exhaust parts.

    I couldn't think of the equivalent English but in Germany we used to do this for automotive forums. I have been debating whether to throw my hat into the ring for a while. I've noted that people have found some original components are hard to come by for older vehicles so If someone has a...
  5. Tim203

    Good value socket set recommendation

    I have just brought a couple of socket sets recently for the workshop and thought it worth sharing. The Christmas offers have arrived at various builders merchants near you and I found a lovely 3/8" drive Faithfull socket set in a red case with proper hinges and latches. Nicely finished, good...
  6. Tim203

    Help with thread search

    I can never get the search to find threads. Trying to post a good number plate but can't find it, please help or bump. Ta.
  7. Tim203

    Are cars going to be reliable when they're old?

    I was out with a mate who works for a well known car hire firm delivering vehicles. They do a lot of courtesy cars for prominent car manufacturers. Quite an eye opener just how many cars have problems. So, probably covered this before but when people like myself can afford one of these cars...
  8. Tim203

    Anyone going to the LAA Sywell rally

    If so, come and visit us at CKT Aero engines and have a cuppa tea and a biscuit and I will show you our Subaru engine. Cheers Tim.
  9. Tim203

    Carlsson move into Saarlouis

    Here's a quick couple of photo's. This is about half of it! More nice cars around the other side!
  10. Tim203

    Back in Saarland- Völklinger Hütte visit.

    Back visiting my wife's folks again. One of you suggested visiting the iron works in Völklingen. Great shout. A world heritage site and very interesting. Great views from the top of the biggest blast furnace (50 meters up). Worth the 15€ ( under18 free).This year a Buddha photo art...
  11. Tim203

    Its a wrap

    Not everyone's cup of tea but done very well nevertheless.
  12. Tim203

    Murder at Woolacombe beach

    Well that's the BBQ sorted . Our 13 year old springer has still got it ! This Sh1te hawk certainly won't be getting your chips. Otto carried this for a good mile back along the beach from Putsborough to Woolacombe before he would let me have it. Very proud doggy. Mrs. 203 was as well!
  13. Tim203

    W203 Ignition lock problem.

    Hi, has anyone had problems with ignition barrels on this model. When the key is inserted and turned all dash lights appear as normal but starter doesn't work as if interlocked when it is not in Park or Neutral. It's intermittent but becoming more frequent. Spare key behaves the same. Any...
  14. Tim203

    Rip off survey...or having your trousers pullef RIGHT down!

    So, as the title suggests here is my survey on paying extortionate prices for things. I am hoping for the usual healthy debate in justifying said prices and it can be anything from car spares to a pint of beer........ Talking of which a pint of cider in Kuala Lumpur was nearly a tenner when I...
  15. Tim203

    How far can you tow? Tuggin' consumption!

    Well, as the title suggests a little survey on fuel consumption whilst something is following you around. A few weeks ago I towed our test rig ( with the very aero dynamics of Satan) up to Norfolk with my faithful 2.1 non HDi 406. As it's a 320 mile one way I didn't stick strictly to the 60...
  16. Tim203

    Test drive in a Subaru Forester Diesel

    Ashburton motor works very kindly lent me their Demonstrator so we could have a look at certain things. After trailer ing it halfway around England I finally drove it today for 100 miles. All I can say if you're looking for something in this size it's a great car. The boxer is sooo quiet, great...
  17. Tim203

    Interesting car.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section or indeed there is already a thread but couldn't make the search engine work for me so please mods move/ delete as appropriate . Lastly apologies for anyone's privacy I might have invaded snapping these pictures but thought they were worth sharing...
  18. Tim203

    Expensive cars

    With the fall of the pound mean cars will become more expensive or will they stay the same or will the market recover quick enough not to affect it. I'm off to Germany in August and it's already looking pricey!
  19. Tim203

    Independance Day LOL

    I think I'm in as Mrs. 203 said we'd better get divorced . Probably it was my comment about people being fed up with being told what to do by the bossy Germans that might have tipped the balance. As she rightly stated that I was married to one, or was it the fourth reich comment that did it ?!
  20. Tim203

    Adhesive and sealers

    Hi, looking for a trade adhesive for bonding in steel water pipes etc to 'stat housing's and other parts like breather tubes . Strange request maybe but trying to find o.e. stuff is not easy. Also face sealer for gearboxes and crank cases. Manufacturers use a grey sealer that goes off hard and...
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