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  1. joe

    W203/209/168Multimedia Navigation System

    I installed this April 2014 and removed from my 2003 Pre-facelift W203 when I part ex-ed in December 2014. I originally bought on ebay from a UK supplier (kit is Chinese) It was quite easy to install if you have done similar before. Still plenty of sellers of these on ebay I have included...
  2. joe

    IBM T30 + Star Diagnosis Kit

    Bought about 5 years ago and used regularly on friends, family and my own cars. I no longer have a Mercedes Benz so have no use for this. It consists of IBM T30 Laptop with mains lead and car charger IBM T30 docking station, some drivers. Star multiplexer (Chinese version) with cables to...
  3. joe

    Genuine Tele Atlas France 2004/2005

    Tele Atlas 2004/2005 France ISBN 90-428-0397-5 Compatible with Blaupunkt Travel Pilot NON DX VERSION I bought in error I needed DX version It was sold to me as never used, and I have never used. 2 cd's in box with leaflets/information. Outer packing looks worn CD case and disks are as...
  4. joe

    Mercedes comand software service cd my 2001

    Genuine daimler chrysler comand 2.0 ece + 2.5 ece software service cd my 2001 part number w230 589 00 22 00 bought and used once in 2004 on my w203 comand as new condition £20 posted PM's Welcome
  5. joe

    A2308204226 Telephone Module

    Motorola Telephone Module (Control) A2308204226 Complete with plug and connected cables (fibre optic loop not included) Recently removed from my 2003 W203 Bought approx. 6 years ago Perfect working order. £95.00 Posted, PM's Welcome Joe
  6. joe

    MC3010 CD Changer A2038209089

    MC3010 CD Changer A2038209089 Complete with CD Magazine, Bracket and fibre optic cable.(power cable not included, still connected to comand plug) Recently removed from my 2003 W203. Perfect working order. £90.00 Posted, PM's Welcome Joe
  7. joe

    Viseeo MB-2 Bluetooth Adapter

    Viseeo MB-2 Bluetooth Adapter in box, complete with update cables and manuals. I bought approx. 3 years ago and used in my 2003 W203. Suitable for MB UHI £75.00 posted. (PM's Welcome)
  8. joe

    W203 Shock Absorbers

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to replace my rear shocks (w203 2003 c180 adv se) Am I correct in thinking the part number is A2033263300 ? There are a few A2033261800 going cheap on ebay which are for sports package would these be totally unsuitable ? Regards Joe
  9. joe

    W203 electric Mirror Cable

    Hi, I am in the process of Repairing the cables of my OS Mirror (Usual breakage due to movement) I removed the Electric mirror Plug complete with 4 severed cables from Motor and put it in such a safe place.....That I can not locate it any more:crazy:. So I have made a repair to the Indicator...
  10. joe

    Fault code

    My Engine Light has been lit a few times in last couple of weeks. it seems to correct itself after a few days without me doing anything (the car operates ok) Anyway..Today I connected my code reader and found this.... Stored Error's P2029-001 Engine RPM Implausible P200A-001 Throttle...
  11. joe

    Timing Chain Jumped?

    I thought I would share my story. I had my 53 plate w203 180 k serviced last week (18/12/2008 A Service) On christmas eve at 7pm it refused to start. I called Mobilolife and they arranged for local breakdown to attend. About 40 mins later a tow truck arrived and car was transported to my home...
  12. joe

    Comand Online

    Would just like to everyone know of my experience of Buying a Phone retro-fit kit D2B for my car. Ordered the kit after interorgating Alfie with pm's. Kit arrived very fast:bannana: Simple and straightforward to install. Delighted with result. 5% discount for forum members.:D So...
  13. joe

    Argos Bluetooth

    I have searched the forums and found quite a few people have mentioned these units....has anyone bought and fitted and are they as good as the web site says? My w203 (pre-face lift)without phone pre-wire, Comand fitted. Quite a few places offering them Argos D2B Any Input Appreciated...
  14. joe

    Track rod Ends

    Can anyone Help? Is Item number 35 a Track rod end? Is it advisable to replace both sides (I have a M.O.T failure on drivers side) Thanx in advance Regards Joe
  15. joe

    Reduced Service Costs

    Hi, I have just received a flyer from the Inchcape Mercedes Group offering lower servicing prices. I have not been able to find the offer on their web site. Example A Service C180 was £240 now £189 B Service C180 was £394 now £314 Many models are listed. The offer is...
  16. joe

    20% off Teleatlas

    Its a great offer....also if you have a promotion code from a previous purchase it will reduce price by another 10%:bannana: LINK Regards Joe
  17. joe

    Audio 10 & 2004 Nav Cd

    Hi, I Fitted a comand unit in my car when the car was about 9 months old ever since I have had the Audio 10 unit in my store room. (My car is a W203 53 reg) Becker Model Number BE 6021 Part Number A 203 820 22 86 It is as new, no marks......I also have the compartment under the unit...
  18. joe

    Plastic wheel arch protector

    Hi, Does anyone know the part number for a nearside front wheel arch protector for a w203 53 reg? I have searched the EPC to no avail:crazy: :o I must have lost a few bolts/screws and the thing had been rubbing on wheel giving a strange noise at certain times. On inspection I have...
  19. joe

    Road Range Liverpool

    I would not normally rate Road Range Liverpool as their Customer service is not so good......But having said that.....Last week my wipers failed completely. I checked all usual things Fuses,relays,interlocks ect. Everything seemed ok. So I booked into Road Range and as usual I was met with my...
  20. joe

    Safety Recalls

    Interesting Site (Apologies if it has been posted before) Recalls :eek: Regards Joe
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