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  1. vito113

    Anti Flash licence Plates... Do they work ?

    Oh yes they do! Oh yes they do! The Toll Licence holder is only 'renting' the right to charge you for using the road. It's still legally the Queens Highway and all the RT Act applies. Andy
  2. vito113

    Buying parts off of good idea?

    …no taxes to pay Thats right, as it's within EU there are no charges, VAT or Duty to pay. Andy
  3. vito113

    My first post! - Help on Winter driving, plse!

    …but ze Germans have a cunning plan Ze Germans have a cunning plan, their cars have to use snow tyres in the winter. On these, a Merc has no problems in the snow. Andy
  4. vito113

    A Snow Proof Merc

    …so why the scooter? What I should have said there Norman was that it was a 'good job' that the BV's are as good on sand as snow as they spend so little time up north now :-) BTW What's an ex-Royal want with a scooter? Your letting the Corp down, a Harley Davidson surely! All the best...
  5. vito113

    Buying parts off of good idea?

    … good point Sym Good point there Sym, I've found that to be the case as well. As regards sending money to Germany a few things to bear in mind. I've done a fair bit of buying in/outside ebay in Germany and a numbers of things came to light. The reason they usually ask for money...
  6. vito113

    A Snow Proof Merc

    … yep, work for them The new Viking is rather swish, the .50 Machine gun is just the job for road rage incidents. Mind you most of the Marines BV's seem to spend their time swanning around the Middle East. They're just as good on sand as snow. Andy
  7. vito113

    Chuffed and now showing off !!

    …oh yesssssss! Georgeous car! Sex on Wheels! 6 numbers and I'm there! Enjoy!! Big Time! Andy
  8. vito113

    Bye Bye C Class

    Woohoo!! - warp drive roller skate! very, very nice, Civic Type R, pocket rocket with warp drive! Honda's are great though! Wife went off to buy a C Class and came back with a Honda Jeep. I wasn't to impressed till I drove it. Well up there on build and way ahead of the game on...
  9. vito113

    A Snow Proof Merc

    After all the problems with Mercs in the Snow recently, perhaps some of you may be interested in this little Mercedes powered number. As well as being great in the snow, its also got air-con and automatic ;-) Andy
  10. vito113

    Throwing in the towel on my Mercedes ?

    … but I can't do manuals Me too, but I can't do manuals anymore, leg trouble. :-( Andy
  11. vito113

    sommat me and a friend was talkign about earlier

    … common? If you want 'common' try Germany, Umpteen Thousand E Class Taxis can't be wrong! A Mercedes may be common but I think Lexus's (or is it Lexii), tend to be a bit vulgar, just check out the number with the gold plated badge/trim option… yuck! It's noticible that the Japanese...
  12. vito113

    Happy Birthday to Kinky!!

    … happy birthday! Happy birthday Kinky! Have a great one and best wishes for the (non shiney grey) year ahead! Andy Sorry about that guys… slipped up there and used that very offensive 'S' word, it's late ;-P
  13. vito113

    It isn't a Merc, but what is multiplex wiring??

    Cars are getting too smart If I remember rightly, Multiplex wiring is were they use some wires in the wiring loom as a data link, bit like the system Merc use in the bigger/newer ones. Mess with the wiring and the Computer thinks there's a fault and the car won't go! Moral of the story…...
  14. vito113

    Sunny days are here again la la la

    … Well 'ard northern one! It must be one of those well 'ard northern mozzies! Our Southern ones are too soft to come out before Easter. Andy
  15. vito113

    Clk Gtr... For Sale!!!

    … I'll pass on this one Nah, I'll pass on this one, no room for the shopping. I'll wait till they bring out the estate version ;-P Andy
  16. vito113

    Nurburgring Again!!!

    Clackson Meets the Neighbours (Germany) with the Nurburgring bit is on tonite at 10PM on UK Horizons. Hopefully as it's a non-terrestrial, Snooker will not stop play this time. Andy
  17. vito113

    Chrysler problems

    … say's it all! So, What was advertised as a 'synergie' of two equals has actually resulted in Mercedes merging with a maker of trashy, badly designed death traps!!! Well done Stuttgart!! So what exactly DID Mercedes gain from this deal? Andy
  18. vito113

    Sunny days are here again la la la

    …buzzzzzzzzzzz! Yes, but that means all the flies and wasps will soon be buzzing around you! unlike here in Grande Bretagne! Andy
  19. vito113

    Head of the Met slams speed cameras as cash generators.

    Bang goes his career… Well, bang goes his career… the Treasury bods will be after his nuts for not getting with the Revenue Generating Programme! Andy
  20. vito113

    Throwing in the towel on my Mercedes ?

    … answers please Mr K? Well, if it's the left side he's beyond help and definately needs therapy! Andy
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