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    New Specialist in the North East

    A friend of mind who is a MB trained mechanic with 12 years experience has opened up his own business, in preston Farm Stockton on Tees Cleveland. Details Prestige Servicing & Repairs Tel 01642 669100 Fax 669150. He has been privately servcing my cars for some years now...
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    Sky extended warranty

    Yeah I have taken the extended warrenty out it works out @ £5.12 per month ( direct debit). However if you cancel your current contract - wait a couple of weeks then take a new one out - may save you money - you may even be able to swing free installation - food for thought. Gunny
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    w203 parking brake problem

    This is caused by a build up of brake dust on the hand brake shoe ratchet adjuster - requires removal of rear discs & a good clean out with brake cleaner, wire brush etc. You may find that if you press the hand brake pedal down really hard it will spring up with no problems - if you tend...
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    Steering Rack at 70000 miles????

    Hi Nigel you are experiencing the very same problem that i had @ 70k on my 2001 w203, i had the rack replaced under my independant warranty at a cost of £760 MERCEDESwanted over £1500. However there is a silver lining to this cloud of dismay, Euro parts do a replacement rack for around...
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    Anyone want to buy a watch?

    Try They have a left handed version in stock, I purchased my Luminor from them -superb. Gunny
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    Front Discs C200K 2002

    Depends on how hard you drive it. The OEM pads as fitted as standard tend to be quite hard & will wear down the discs if you are heavy on the brake pedal. Dont skimp on costs with non standard disks & pads they tend not to last as long as MB items & may give you trouble. Gunny
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    live 8 worst moment

    Live 8 The Floyd :bannana: :bannana: I thought The Floyd were just awesome, brought a tear to my eye. After being a fan for 35 years I never ever thought I would see them play live again. Good choice of songs, looked as good as when I saw them in 1979 only with a little more grey hair (...
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    Gunny's C Class is for sale

    :crazy: Well after one year of ownership of the w203 C 200 Komp Its time to say good bye. Fixed all the Knocks, got the car looking like new - maybe a little sorry to see it go - but what the hell !! :rolleyes: Here's the add. 2001 Y reg C200 Kompressor avantgarde 6 speed manual...
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    Almost l-o-st p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e

    Dont sit on the fence Pammy - Say what you really mean Gunny
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    Michael Jackson

    The night before the verdict Miichael was at home with friends, pacing up & down. One of his aids suggested that they watch a video, Michael said "I know we'll get Alladin" His bodyguard replied, "I think your already in enough trouble as it is Michael"
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    MAF or MAS testing for a C180 Auto

    Try europarts they are a lot cheaper than the stealer - just been quoted £198.00 for mine Gunny
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    MAF or MAS testing for a C180 Auto

    MAF Failure :( :( All this talk about MAF's failing etc etc, I think mine has done the journey. Took the w203 c 200 Komp out on Sunday & it was flat as a fart no pick up no thottle response no top end - really slow. I have disconnected the battery & will reconnect tonight , no sure...
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    Re Mapping ECU

    A few weeks ago a mate put me in touch with a guy who had the kit to carry out re-maps of MB ECU's. After speaking with the guy on the phone I have decided not to use him as I am a sceptical in using someone that - 1. I dont know very well & charges £350.00 for the pleasure. 2...
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    MAF or MAS testing for a C180 Auto

    If you take the car to an independant who has the kit to read the fault codes it can be done in a matter of minutes. Gunny
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Nothing lasts for ever !!!
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Ive got BI8 GUN on the CLK (BIG GUN) & P17 GUN on the C Class Ive also got J 8 DOV for sale @ a very reasonable price Gunny
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    w203 lowering springs

    Just beware If its a W203 model - that when you change the front springs / struts you will need a MB spring compressor as the struts are quite different to other cars. The strut does not have a retaining nut on the top so if you release the big nut inside the engine compartment "only" the...
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    Re Mapping C 200 Komp

    The guy that services my car has just bought all the gubbins / soft ware to Re Map (chip)Mercs as well as other makes . He is offering to carry out a re-map of my w203 C 200 Komp which will lift the bhp from 170 to a maximum of 190bhp as well as a few other tweaks. The cost for this is...
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    New MEmber Help plz!

    By reading some of the replies to t17nyx questions and trying to be impartial, whilst admitting having a daughter that is in the very young person bracket who considers loud - bling cars as the dogs soft bits, I would think t17nyx is probably at this very moment reveiwing his intended membership...
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    CLK Compressor 16 inch or 17 inch wheels

    I run 18" AMG's with 255 x 35 tyres on my 320 CLK with no mods required to fit. Somone is having a laugh with you. you car should take 17's no problem at all Gunny
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