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    E-Class (W210) SRS and Airbag Light

    Our E320 CDI (W210) has developed a problem with the safety system. Without a passenger in the passenger seat, the "AIRBAG OFF" light and SRS light are both illuminated. As soon as someone gets into the passenger seat, both lights go out. When the passenger gets out, both lights come back on...
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    Clocked on eBay

    Bought Last month Now relisted Not even clever enough to use a second account. Spot the comedy mileage difference. Anyone fancy spreading this arround their different forums, and bombarding him with comedy questions like Hi, My Octavia is showing a bit high mileage? How long did...
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    W210 E320 CDi MAF + smoking

    My E320 CDi has destroyed a MAF within 1.5 years of replacing it. Ho hum. MB read the fault code out and confirmed my suspicions. They even tried another MAF to see if the situation improved..and it did (revs above 3000 and has low down grunt again). But, even with the new MAF fitted, it's still...
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    W210 E320 CDi (MY 2000) Rust - part approval

    Grrrrrr. Just had replacement of O/S/F wing approved (this car has already had N/S/F wing, 4 doors, and tailgate done under warranty). That's great :bannana: but they refused to do the rusting front subframe. How on earth can they refuse that? It can't be due to stonechips because it's well...
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    E320 CDI (W210) Air Temp Sensor/Warranty/Recall?

    Just been informed by MB of Eastbourne that they want to change an air temperpature sensor under a service warranty. This was completely out of the blue, unprompted by me, without them seeing the car or having it in for any work. I simply received a letter from them saying "Service measure under...
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    E320 CDI (W210) Fuel Filter

    Does anyone know where the fuel filter is located on an E320 CDI (W210)? Is there anything much involved in changing it? Thanks in advance.
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    Alternator Brushes/Regulator

    Does anyone know where I might get replacement alternator brushes/voltage regulator for a W210 E320 CDI? TIA. Dave K
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    Pulsating dash display : W210 E-Class

    I've noticed the LCD displays on my W210 E-Class (2000 reg facelift) dashboard tend to pulse brightly occasionaly. It's completely random and they flicker much brighter than normal for a millisecond or two and then return to normal brightness. Anybody else ever seen this?
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    E320CDi (W210) Glow Plugs And Cruise Control

    Further to my questions in another thread about changing glow plug #6 on an E320 CDi (W210), I've discovered that the cruise control has failed at the same time as the glow plug light coming on after startup. Could these two events be related? Do the two systems share a common fuse or relay? TIA
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    #6 Glow Plug on E320 CDi Engine

    How the hell do you change glow plug 6 (rearmost plug) on the 320 CDi engine? There is a fuel pipe that runs directly over it :eek: I guess I have to remove this pipe but I cannot see how. Help please :confused: TIA
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    E320 CDI (W210) Brake Discs Needed

    Our E320 CDI (W210) is now in need of new front discs and pads. Obvious choice is OEM items from MB, but are the parts on offer from the likes of Euro CarParts and German & Swedish of simillar quality? Any opinions would be much appreciated.
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    Wnated - Clutch Friction Plate From 300 or 280

    Wanted - Clutch Friction Plate From 300 or 280 Does anyone have access to a clutch friction plate (either used or new) that I can take a look at from any of the following : 1987-89 300CE From 3/87 1986-89 300SL (W107) 300SE, SEL (W126) 1986-89 300E, TE, 4 matic (W124) 1984-85 300E, TE...
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    E320 CDi (W210) Engine Temperatures

    Now that summer has more or less gone, I've noticed that the engine temperature on my E320 CDI (W210) has dropped. It was sitting at about 80 (more or less) throughout summer but now sits at about 65 no matter what traffic conditions (although I've not been caught in a proper traffic jam yet)...
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    E-Class (W210) Wing Mirror Glass Removal

    The self dimming glass on the drivers side wing mirror (outdated term - door mirror is more appropriate) on my W210 E-Class has started to peel/fog. I therefore need to replace it. Does anyone know how to remove and refit the glass? It's a 2000 facelift W210 with folding/dimming mirrors. Many...
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    Battery : Normal or Calcium?

    I need a new battery for my E320 CDi (W210). It's been turning over much slower than normal in the cold weather. I rang around for prices and was aksed if it had a normal battery or a calcium battery. I've been and had a look at it and the battery looks normal to me. Am I correct to assume they...
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    URGENT : Tyre sizes for W210 E320 CDi

    Someone just noticed the tyres on our E320 CDI Avantegarde (2000 model) are really worn on the egdes (how I missed that, I shall never know). Need to get them replaced quick so want to start ringing round for best prices but I don't know the standard tyre sizes (don't have the car with me). Can...
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    No power E320 CDI (W210)

    I was barelling down the motorway the other day and needed to accelerate hard to pass something. Floored it but with no real acceleration or kickdown. I went to knock it down a gear with the Tiptronic but found that Tiptronic was no longfer functioning (i.e. it stayed in "D" rather then shifting...
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    E320 CDi (W210) Glow Plug change - near disaster

    I had a near disaster when changing the glow plugs in the E320 CDI (W21) over the weekend. Plugs 1 to 3 came out easily enough (number one was not working at all, number 3 was lazy). Number 4 unscrewed easily enough but couldn't be withdrawn from the hole. A lot of tugging and turning did the...
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    Servicing E320 CDi (W210)

    I've just completed a B service on my E320 CDi (W210). Not much to it really, certainly not £465 worth. New MB oil filter (with o-rings), Shell Helix Plus deisel oil, MB air filter, MB wiper blades, and MB pollen/cabin filter. The fuel filter was changed at the last A service at the request of...
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    Oh dear
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