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    Unable to use sport and m settings to switch from comfort to sport in clk 2007

    Hiya,,, Clk is running great ,,no fault codes,,,,paddles Work great in manual but I’m unable to switch the car out of comfort when I tap the round switch with the c,s and m settings,,,, any ideas of what’s causing this?,,,imagine it’s a sensor ,,just seems odd when everything else works...
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    Missing that V8 rumble

    After losing my CLK 55 droptop due to being hit while stationary just before Xmas ,,, I replaced it with a lovely CLK 350 Sport droptop,,, Although having no criticism of the new car , I really miss my 55,,, I’m giving serious consideration to outing the 350 and getting another 55...
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    Fitting Morel speakers to my Clk350 Sport

    I’m intending to upgrade the speakers in the clk and wondered if the back speakers are upgraded along with the fronts then would I need an amplifier fitted?,,,car has 2007 Command system but no HK / Logic7,,, being not far off 60,, the system don’t need to sound like “The Ministry of Sound”” lol...
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    Newer CLK to replace written off CLK55

    Hiya,, after having my mint clk55 droptop written off a few weeks back,,I have replaced it with another newer clk sport 350 convertible ,,,a minter with 77K miles,,,great mot history,,,,again in black with beige designo leather interior,,sat nav,Bluetooth and AMG running gear,,, very late...
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    Insurance claim = like for like if possible?

    Just a quick update,, After the Clk being written off ,,,insurance company have asked me to send similar examples into them,,in the hope I can swop over to another CLK 55 droptop,,, only 2 that seem available are a £15k very low mileage car in black and another in like a Gunmetal Grey that’s...
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    Somebody just smashed into the back of the clk

    Not the happiest way to get to 50 posts,, earlier today I was driving near to home when a fiesta broke suddenly in front,,,the clk stopped on a sixpence but unfortunately the Fiat behind was either too close or too fast and slammed into the back of mine,,,not too much damage apart from the...
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    Help finding front shock absorber for Clk 55 convertible (2003)

    Hi all,,,, Gonna need a front shock and it seems Mercedes no longer make them,,, Any advice much appreciated,,,,seen a full set from Germany but only need 1 front shock absorber ,,,, thanks for reading,,,,,jp
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    2 years and loving the Clk 55 droptop

    As we approach 2 years with the 55,,, I am loving this car,,, It does everything so well,,,,from nipping out for a quick meal locally to eating miles on the M2,,,goes about its business with no fuss or attention,,,B service earlier this year and apart from a srs fault code it hasn’t missed a...
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    First Mot and B service plus advice re fuse number please

    hiya,,, First mot for the clk ,,,it flew through with no advisory’s,,, Had a B service and headlights compound and sealed and look brand new now,, After a simple battery change ended with me needing a new Sam unit just after Xmas I make sure to drive it as often as possible now...
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    First little problems solved

    My battery died on the clk convertible even the c tek couldn’t keep it going,, I found out that it’s no simple task to change the battery,, After local battery chap fitted the new battery the car would not even turn over,, Breakdown recovery into my specialists and plugged into star...
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    Members opinions on best aftermarket exhaust for 2003 clk55

    After finding out that i was unable to have a x pipe etc fitted,,c, Apart from removing the secondary cats it looks like?.. to get that nice noise i will have to go milltek etc,,, i wondered what people thought best suited this car which is a droptop,,,, cheers and thanks...
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    Best kind of detail for 15yr old clk

    hiya,,, Just wondered what sort of detail would be best suited to our car,, Car has great paintwork with zero rust but could do with a nice clay bar etc, A few surface scratches on bonnet over the years that a good compound would take of I imagine, car is a droptop ,, Anyone over in NE...
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    better sound from clk55 exhaust but keeping og as possible

    Hi,,,, I wanted to ask,, Is it possible to get a much better sound from the exhaust without having to cut pipes etc?,,,, Local exhaust chaps could fit a x pipe for £250 but i believe the original pipes would need cutting?,, Being able to go back to a stock exhaust should i...
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    Belated pics of clk55 convertible

    Some pics of our clk,,,, nice and clean,,,, waited a while to get the exact spec with black and merlot/cranberry leather and no keyless go,,,, should have got this model around 5 years ago,,,,,,devil is in the detail,,,,like the cranberry stitching on the seats and lots of other...
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    loving my clk55 convertible

    Hiya,,,, just thought i put a few words down re our new arrival,,,,, After many years of owning front engined Porsches except for a two year "sabbatical" with a mint 2003 SL,,, Our SL performed faultlessly but i found it too large just my personal view,,,,, Love the transaxle...
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    Newbie saying Hiya

    Hi My name is Jason and recently sold our 944 s2 and now have a lovely CLK 55 Amg,,car has 90k just and is black and a convertible with all the bits like distronic, Bose, command,aux in, and two tone black and cranberry/merlot leather,,,great history and all books,,,2003 and all original with...
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