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    List of Independents

    Hi All, I've been told there is a list of good independents on this site that owners use for servicing, would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to find it? Many thanks Vik
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    New Member...

    Hi All, Thanks for the add, new member here looking for a c63 507 coupe and also any local Mercedes Benz specialists in the Kent Area? Main dealer servicing prices seem a bit steep! Currently running a A Class daily and M3 CSL (forgive me) & as stated looking for a C63 507, would...
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    c63 507

    Hi All, New member, am looking for a c63 507 coupe, are there any current owners in here that I could speak to about the car? Of course if anyone is considering selling please let me know too! Cheers Vik
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