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    Happy Birthday, 500E

    Thanks all! I certainly don't use this forum as much as I should but always enjoy it when I do :)
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    C43 AMG w202 estate

    This one seems to be a good pick, most of the C43's on the market now are in pretty rough condition. Shame they fell by the wasteside a few years back when prices dipped significantly.
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    Happy Birthday, 500E

    Cheers all!
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    C63 Japanese import

    Echo comments here, some good cars from Japan but of course some junk also so you have to be careful. My W124 E500 Limited is from Japan, you can see the underside video here to give you an idea of how well kept the cars are:
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    C63 Japanese import

    I run a Japan imported 2008 C63 AMG in Dubai, I bought it about a year ago. On the whole the car has actually been perfect *touches wood*. It is a true Japan delivery car (some are originally German delivered) and to get around the audio issue I simply use a bluetooth plug in device as the...
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    W124 E500 - but is it one of the rare 6.0s??

    Very nice car. Those AMG E60 badges are aftermarket and can be purchased from Auto Fashion in Tokyo. It is a bog standard E500 LTD (if you can call them that!).
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    W124 E500 6.0

    Looks like a very nice car, also commonly known as the AMG E60, would love to own one but couldn't jusify the premium over my E500.
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    W210 e55

    Hey all, reviving this thread as I still have the W210 E55 AMG posted here and its a daily driver going strong!!! I have owned it since Oct 2016 and to be fair it has been faultess. I was recent considering changing it for a W211 E55 or a CLS55/63 but I think these W210 E55s will eventually...
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    Insurance value for W124 E36 AMG

    I think £20k still makes sense as a realistic value if it's in mint condition. E500/500E are struggling at £20k at the minute and I wouldn't class the E36 AMG as any more desirable...perhaps less but I know they are rarer
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    W140 S600L 7.0L AMG

    Hey all I was looking for some advice. I have come across what seems to be a genuine S600L W140 (1996) which has been tuned by AMG at some point and is now a 7.0L - guess that makes it an S70 AMG, in the back streets of Dubai. I am not sure if this is a factory or post factory conversion but I...
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    1997 R129 SL320 low mileage

    Hello all, I have been informed of an SL320 1997 for sale with 12,000 genuine miles. It is and apparently like new and in silver with black leather. Left hand drive. Can anyone chime in on the common issues or pitfalls with this model? I've always loved the R129 but never seriously looked...
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    Project C43 W202

    Great project! I hope you didn't pay much for it however as it certainly seems neglected and will be a labour of love - I am certain the economics will outweigh the value but at the end you'll have an amazing machine, especially after all the paintwork etc. Interior seems to be the full black...
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    Anyone know of this C43 AMG?

    MOT history is pretty grim reading and the photos show it is quite a neglected car. Not sure it would be worth £15k even if tidied.
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    W210 E55 woes - help!

    Unfortunately there is no warranty with the compressor. It seems only rhe Chinese brands here in Dubai carry a 6 month warranty! I am wondering whether anyone has actually experienced issues with the pipe itself. I have been told it is around £300 for the part itself so I do not want to...
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    W210 E55 woes - help!

    Hello all - I was wondering whether there are any members familiar with the M113 5.4L? I am having two issues: 1) Air conditioning is making a groaning noise when switched on - AC compressor was replaced 3 months ago (DENSO part) and has been quite since but for the last week it is very...
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    W210 E55 key

    Hello all I would like to get a spare key as I only have one for the e55. What is the best way of doing this without going to the main dealer. As the car is from Japan the dealers in Dubai are reluctant to sort. I am in the UK at the moment so think it might be easier sorting it here...
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    Mercedes e500 w124 advice...anyone viewed this car?

    Nice car but too much. That should be priced at £20k max. It's been sitting around for months, probably because of the silly asking price.
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    W210 55 air seats not working

    Hello all The air seats in my 01' E55 are not working - never worked since I bought the car a few months ago but its quite a nice option to have I think and would improve the comfort of the seats on long journeys. There is no noise/clicking when I press the buttons - nothing at all from...
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    Bentley Continental T Coupe Auction

    One owner from new
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    W210 e55

    My 500E has its fair share of issues so I'd have to agree with you there. Just had 235 front and 265 rear Michelin PS4s fitted. Al the 245 and 275 setup is US specs. This shop just happened to have the European spec tyres in stock.
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