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    Mercedes Benz Clk 220 CDI AMG Sport 2009 for sale

    Here for sale is my 2009 Clk 220 Cdi Amg Sport. It has done 91800 miles which will go up as I use the car to commute. I am the fifth owner of the vehicle. It was first registered on the 24/04 2009, so will be one of the last ones in the CLK range. I am only selling as my wife struggles to get...
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    Personal registrations J999SRP and A11FPR

    Hi I have 2 registrations for sale. First one is J999SRP. I am looking for £550 or nearest offer. This one is on retention paper. The second is A11FPR. I am looking for £600 or nearest offer. I wrote off to 5 or 6 different registration transfer companies on the net, and the valuations they...
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    Merak 16 inch alloys with Pirelli P7 tyres

    Here we have for sale 4 Mercedes Benz Merak wheels which have come off my 1998 CLK. The wheels are straight with no damage to them, but will need refurbishing. The wheels have matching Pirelli P7`s, 205/55/16, with approx 5 mm left on them. The wheels may fit other models of Mercedes Benz, ie...
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    Bury bluetooth kit Music x 2 for sale

    Hi Since both my wife and I changed cars last year I have 2 Bury CC9060 Music bluetooth kits for sale. The Bury kit is, when installed, very easy to use and will allow you to play your music from your phone through your car speakers. And as the fine for using a mobile in your car has gone up to...
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    Fuel/Turbo/Egr etc cleaners

    Hi all Having seen numerous posts about which cleaners to use for fuelsystem, turbo etc, I had this link sent in an email to me, Turbo Cleaning and Turbo Cleaners | Oilem - Lifting the lid on the market. Although it is linked to Powerenhancer, Power Enhancer HOME | Engine Cleaning | Injector...
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    Thank you

    Hi all Just a thank you for those of you who have put threads on about change of steering wheel. Thanks to those threads I managed to change steering wheel on my W210 without any major issues. The wire came of the airbag connection whilst the ignition was on and me SRS light stays on now after...
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    Is it kaput??

    Hi all My engine, in a 1999 E320CDI, has over some time developed a metallic clacking noise, is the only way I can describe it. It is getting worse, and the engine has startet to idle rough as well, jumpy and rough. I hoped it had to do with the engine mounts, or certainly the clacking noise...
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    Mercedes show?

    Just testing the waters, ladies and gents. I have long been going with this thought in my head, tried to talk myself into not thinking about it, but it is still there. Maybe some of you can get me back down to earth. So here goes. We have this and other sites. We have gtg`s, and so on. All...
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    Engine mounts on W210 E320cdi

    I will be changing engine mounts on my E320cdi towards the end of the week. I have read a couple of helpful threads, and think I should be fine to do the job. Just in case I have missed anything, though, any advice any of you can help me with? Thank you in advance Martin
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    Correct oil for W210 E320CDI

    I am posting this to try and help fellow E320CDI owners. Questions from many, including myself, about the correct oil for the car keeps popping up, so when I was looking around for a suitable oil, I remembered I spoke to Millers Oils at the Race Retro Show at Stoneleigh in February. They have...
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    W210 E320CDI front fuelpump

    Just had a vehicle check done on my W210 E320CDI. and amongst other things I was told that the front high pressure fuel pump was leaking at the top and needed replacing. Having had a look at other W210 fuel pump threads, am I right in saying it is not just a straight swap over. Timing needs to...
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    Oil spec on w210 E320CDI

    Hi all I have had my car for 2 years now and in that time used Valvoline 5w30 semi synthetic oil. They don`t however make it anymore, or at least I can`t find anything about it anywhere. I have looked for other reputable brands of 5w30 oil with Merc spec, but it doesn`t seem to be available...
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    Hennessy Venom GT

    o-200mph in 14.51 sec, 270mph top speed but test driver said it would go faster if he had had more road available. If you wanna put your order in it takes 6 months to build and will set you back £720000. Hennessey Venom GT Sets New Speed Record
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    Mercedes Benz Merak wheels for sale

    Hi all Have just replaced my Merak wheels on the E320CDI with 17inch Sador wheels, hence my Merak wheels are now for sale. Theres 5 wheels, and all would benefit from a refurb. 1 wheels is from a CLK and therefore with the polished lip, and one has has got marks from when I drilled out the bolt...
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    Facelift steering wheel for w210 in grey

    Hi I am looking for a facelift steering wheel for a w210 in grey, interior is in the lighter grey/blue. Many thanks in advance Martin
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    Rumbling from brakes under heavy breaking

    Hi all My E320CDI has developed what I can only describe as a type of rumbling noise under heavy breaking. They are fine under normal or light breaking. Discs are fine, pads have got plenty of meat on them, the car has got full MB service historie and had a big service in July last year. I know...
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    W210 foglights

    Hi all I attempted to fix my foglights on my `99 E320 CDI today till the rain put a stop to it. I have bought a replacement foglight for the drivers side front, which I fitted. I turned the lights on and tried the front foglights, but they were not working. I had a look at the rear foglights and...
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    Oil level after service

    Hi all This might be a daft question so my apologies beforehand,but I had my W210 E320CDI serviced Weds last week, and I checked the oil level the following day, to find that it was about half an inch from max on the dip stick. I know it says 7.50ltr of oil on the service specification, but...
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    W210 E320CDI gearbox speed sensor

    Hi all Just had my car serviced today. B service, at a Mercedes garage. It came through with a clean bill of health apart from a faultcode, not told what the code is and didn`t ask either, which said the speed sensor in the gearbox is faulty. They quoted £485 to change. I have had problems with...
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    W210 wing mirror ( door mirror )

    Hi all I know it has ben said on here that a 7 year old oik could take the wing mirrors off a W210, but I am not a 7 year old oik ;). I am trying to take the cover off the drivers side mirror to fit a new mirror glass. I understand there is a clip to remove to get the cover off, but it is not...
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