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    Great time to sell

    Inquired about selling my GTC Roadster in January this year but didn’t progress further. However, the same dealer gave me £11k more for it a week ago. It’s on sale now at Top555 cars If anyone is interested.
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    Just Bought a Pagoda

    Yep 6 years ago. In fact the reason I bought the car was because it was priced very well, even though there were a few issues (what 113 doesn’t have them). although I spent a lot on the rectification work I still had a car that was under market value. I did sell her a couple of years ago now...
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    Mercedes Nottingham - to wash or not to wash?

    I always ensure that my cars go in clean and make sure that the service attendant writes down DO NOT WASH. However. Wouldn’t take my car into MB Nottingham for a start. All my cars that are in manufactures warranty go to MB Chesterfield, those out of warranty go to the MB Centre onLittle...
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    Just Bought a Pagoda

    Well just an update on the Pagoda after a few years Have lapsed. I eventually decided to keep the car and carry out the work needed. had the engine out and reconditioned including setting up of the fuel injection. Had the roof totally stripped with new glass rubbers, all chrome redone, new...
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    Wheel cleaner in bulk...

    I too would recommend Blit Hamber. It’s also available in 5ltr container. For the first time I would also buy the spray bottle as I have found some spray bottleS don’t work.
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    How to finish off the glass after waxing paintwork?

    I use the distilled water collected from my dehumidifier use in a spray bottle and use the blue glass cloth from Wilco. (£3) In my opinion the main component in getting a good result is in the cloth you use more than the product.
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    Mercedes Nottingham - to wash or not to wash?

    I would never let Nottingham wash my car or even service it. I assume that your car is out of warrant, if so I would recommend The MB Centre on Little Tennis Street. 01159506050. Speak to Gary they do all my cars that are out of warrant (5) If still in warranty I use MB Chesterfield. No...
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    AMG’s in Picture.....

    3 years since anyone posted anything so here is my 2012 CL63. 26k miles and all the options.
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    CL63 for sale

    I have decided to sell my 2011/2012 CL63. I have owned the car fo the last 4 years and am the 3rd owner (dealer Demonstrator + one owner and myself) First reg 25/10/2011 Genuine 26k miles from new Silver with black leather interior Full MB service history. Just had full service including...
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    Wheel colour change

    These are my diamond cut wheels on my CL63. I think they look great.
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    Mercedes Naming System?

    Just to rub it in, the new face lift S500 is no longer a 4.7 V8 but a 3.0 straight six. The Yanks are going to be disappointed with their 560 when they open the bonnet (hood)
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    Best looking Mercedes AMG

    This is the best looking AMG because it's mine..
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    For sale 2011 W169 A180 Avangarde

    Still for sale price reduced to £7995.00
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    Who do you insure you ** amg with?

    I'm with Classicline/Equity Red Star for my CL63 me and my better half for £463.00
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Saw MP10WER today on a debadged 4 cylinder BMW
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    AMG Center Caps

    The red apples on the tree make them look very tacky.
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    For sale 2011 W169 A180 Avangarde

    My wife is due to pick up a new GLA on 1st. Sept which means that her 2011 W169 A 180 is up for sale One previous owner (MB) with 31k miles in silver with black. Petrol Automatic Avangarde spec with alloys We purchased the car in 2012 and has full service history MB. In totally mint...
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    What MPG are people getting?

    2017 CLS350d on a 400 mile round trip Nottingham to Bournemouth 42.9mpg. Considering that I was not hanging about that's no bad.
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    Wanted 113 SL

    Soon get used to that. Also a much wider market come resale time.
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    Wanted 113 SL

    The SL Shop has one for sale at £49k.
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