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    Just found out the MASS air flow meter has gone on my car (1994 E220) I know this is a common problem on this car but how much are they to buy new from the dealer? Having had a look at it, it looks like some of the ones fitted to VW's, has anyone priced a VW one and do they fit OK? The car...
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    New Alloys?

    Anyone know if these wheels will fit my 1994 E220TE? . . . . 205/65/15 they're off an E Class 210 Thanks
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    Rust? What is going on with Mercedes?

    I've been out today looking for a new (to me) car to replace my E220TE as I don't really need an estate anymore. I looked at. . . . 1999 C220CDI diesel estate (rotted rear tailgate, wings, door bottoms) 1997 E200 elegance (rotted door bottoms and front cross member) 1996 C200 (paint peeling...
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    C240 Sport? Any Good?

    I'm thinking of changing my E for a C Class, don't need the room in the E Class TE any more. I like the idea of a bit more power and want leather & Air con, I've seen a nice one at a local dealer but I don't know too much about the C Class. If anyone has any advice I'd be very greatful. What...
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    Acer TravelMate Problem?

    I've got an Acer TravelMate 2700 that belongs to a friend, when I press the power button it boots to a screen with ACER on it then goes to a black screen with a blue box saying "Enter Password" but the keys are'nt working :crazy: Anyone any ideas? :confused: Not too good with Laptops :(
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    Where's the best place to by Mobil1? I used to use Costco but my card has expired & it's not worth renewing it just for the oil. Anyone using any other oil which is as good but cheaper? Thanks guys
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    Alpine Install?

    Has anyone fitted an Alpine CDA MP3/WMA player in a E220TE? I'm trying to find out where the orange dimmer wire goes to from the head unit, is there a wire behind the dash to connect this wire to? :confused:
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    Has anyone fitted new gas struts for the rear tailgate on a TE? I'm looking for some fitting advice, they seem to be inside the bodywork & I don't want to start investigating if someone knows the best way to do em'. Thanks
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    Gear selector light?

    When driving my car at night I find it hard to tell what gear I'm in should it have a Gear selector light?
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    I had a problem on mine when I got it it has a light on the dash that tell's you when any of the bulbs have blown. It came on when I was driving & I checked all the bulbs & they were all fine. I set off again & the light was off, no problems. Drove about 50 miles then the light came back on I...
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    The front exhaust pipe has gone on my E220TE :( Went to the dealer today & they quoted me £810.56p! plus fitting :( Are there any other options for the front downpipes with CAT? Can the CAT be left off & the car still pass the M.O.T.? Thanks
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    Exhaust rattle?

    I think the exhaust on my E220TE is on it's way out, it's started rattling:( How much will it cost to replace the exhaust? Are there any stainless steel options for less money than a OEM item? Thanks
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    Rear suspension oil level?

    I've just checked the oil tank on my car for the rear self leveling suspension (E220TE) but there is no level marks on the tank. Does anyone know where it should read full? Thanks
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    Wires inside the seat?

    My 1994 E220 TE has wires going to the underside of each front seat, has anyone any idea what these are for? The car does not have electric seats:confused: Thanks
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    Is this true?

    I heard that Ferdinand Porsche got sacked from Mercedes cos he wasn’t up to the job is this true? ;)
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    Smacks Me On The Head!

    Every time I raise the tailgate on my 1993 E220TE the thing smacks me on the back of the head :mad: It stays up in the cold but on hot days (oil involved?) it seems to wilt . . . . Anyway anybody got any ideas on a cure? Thanks
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