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    Clarkson's xmas DVD - "Thriller"

    Saw this the other day. Standard fare - drive a load of fast cars, shoot stuff, drive some cars, blow stuff up, drive some more cars, shoot some more stuff, etc etc... why change a winning formula eh? The car he chose at the end as...
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    My DC2

    Picked up my new car this afternoon, in time honoured fashion I thought I had better take some pics. 1996 Honda Integra Type R, freshly imported from Japan. HKS cold air induction Stainless Exhaust 15" Enkei wheels, Bridgestone RE010 rubber. Approx 200 bhp (198 std), weight 1100kg, revs...
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    Demonoid invite?

    Does anyone have a spare Demonoid invite please? cheers :)
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    Brabus Bullit (W204)

    Crikey :eek: Pics:
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    Recommend me an ADSL supplier (or tell me which to avoid)

    Following a house move I find myself needing a new broadband connection. Since the previous occupants of my house seem not to have bothered cancelling their ADSL service, my phone line is still "tagged", preventing me from signing up with anyone until the "tag" is removed by BT Wholesale. This...
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    Goodwood 2007 pics

    A selection of mercedes related snaps from today... Apologies for the carbon fetish :o
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    AMG Drift Competition

    Its harder than it looks!
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    Mercedes-Benz World (Stuttgart)

    Mercedes-Benz World (Stuttgart) - now with pics... Anyone been? Will be about 50km from Stuttgart next week, and wondering if its worth a detour...
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    Gratuitous C43 Burnout

    Found a nice C43 vid while surfing youtube... Not safe for kids or the politically correct (one mild expletive used and lots of rubber burnt) Belong to anyone on here I wonder?
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    3G Smart ForTwo

    Full unveiling tomorrow apparently...
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    So I had a ride in a CLS63 today...

    Its one helluva machine. That big N/A V8 is pretty awesome :rock: Thanks to the owner - I've arranged to take it off his hands when he next upgrades in 7-8 years time :cool: Obviously this thread is useless without pics, so here's a couple and a short video clip for your viewing...
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    Got an iBook/Powerbook G4? Check your batteries.

    Apple are recalling 1.8 million batteries - same potential overheating problem as Dell announced last week. Affected models / serial numbers:- 12-inch iBook G4 A1061 ZZ338 - ZZ427 3K429 - 3K611 6C519 - 6C552 12-inch PowerBook G4 A1079 ZZ411 - ZZ427 3K428 - 3K611 15-inch...
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    Goodwood pics

    Some pics I took at the M-B "marquee" at Goodwood today... The new S Class was a rather comfortable place to be :) The rest of my goodwood pics, for anyone interested:-
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    50th Anniversary SL550 Hmm.... an SL500 with a bag? :rolleyes:
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    Tourist Trophy (PS2) - GT4 with bikes?

    Anyone seen this latest offering from Polyphony Digital - (Stats007???) Due out at the end of the month... Looks like it could be a blast (until GT5 comes out with a mixture of cars and bikes in full hi-def glory).
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    Happy birthday Sym

    Have a narner :bannana:
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    Spotted black CL65

    Black CL65 spotted in Virginia Water car park today, belong to anyone here ? :D :D ;) The car park was unusually full today, wonder why :p Took a few pics...
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    Laptop + mobile phone = internet?

    Got some rare work-related travel to Finland coming up, and would like to have some way of getting on-line whilst sitting around at airports etc. Equipment available:- 1 x Apple Powerbook with bluetooth running OS X 10.3.9 1 x Nokia phone with bluetooth (most models available - using...
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    Anyone got a spare Gmail invite?

    Could some kind soul help me out please? thanks in advance...
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    Macworld Expo

    Apple's keynote speech is scheduled for 5pm GMT today. Amongst the new stuff rumoured to be annouced, are:- New Intel powered Mac Mini's New Intel powered iBooks New iPod Shuffles (possibly with screen) No live streaming from the event, but latest information will be on...
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