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    More pictures from Sinsheim Auto & Technik museum - aeroplanes

    Here you go... from my visit there a few years ago. And as BTB mentioned - bit smeary due to the perspex screen. Great museum and well worth a visit.
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    Whats a good driving game for the PS3

    And a massive HDTV helps too... Worth bearing in mind that the number of cars and tracks is fairly limited, since it is a "prequel" to the full GT5 game which is due out later this year. However, the cars and tracks that are there are incredibly detailed, and the in-car view, shadows...
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    Spotted in the Trafford Centre - Manchester

    Correction, it was his mum's! Edit: beaten to it. Knew it was a female member of his family :D
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    Spotted in the Trafford Centre - Manchester

    I remember seeing that about 10 years ago when the centre had just opened, so I guess its on permanent display. Belonged to the wife of the developer or something I think... there's a plaque nearby
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    There are several previous threads on them... Its not a scam, just a front for carcraft the car supermarket. I used them, and would happily use them again, depending on type and age of car if I needed to dispose quickly - for a C250TD...
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    Anyone used a Nokia 8800 Arte?

    Very nice :rock: It was announced last summer, went on sale around october if memory serves correctly.
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    Anyone used a Nokia 8800 Arte?

    Yes, I'd be surprised there wasn't a newer version available - yours is over 1 yr old. Can check on monday when I'm back in the office if you like. Alternatively you can download the Nokia Software Updater which should automatically fetch the latest available version and reflash the phone via USB.
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    Anyone used a Nokia 8800 Arte?

    Sorry about that, I worked on the software :( Did you get it fairly soon after it went on sale? (Tip: wait at least 6 months if you want a phone which has had most of the bugs fixed!)
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    Clarkson's xmas DVD - "Thriller"

    Saw this the other day. Standard fare - drive a load of fast cars, shoot stuff, drive some cars, blow stuff up, drive some more cars, shoot some more stuff, etc etc... why change a winning formula eh? The car he chose at the end as...
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    Nationwide Building Society

    Nationwide currently has an Standard & Poors credit rating of A+, which is by no means bad, but could be better (AA / AAA). Best bet for security would be a nationalised bank eg. Northern Rock, or something like a NS&I bond, as already mentioned.
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    Brabus monoblocks... finally on!

    You don't see Mono V's very often... nice.
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    A bit of Photoshop Fun somebody sent me
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    A bit of Photoshop Fun somebody sent me

    2003 just called.... It wants it's pictures back ;)
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    Compiling a bash script

    You can package up your script as an "Application" using Applescript. Open the Applescript editor and enter the following:- do shell script "/path/to/your/" Then do File->Save As, choose "Application" as the file format and bob's your uncle...
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    Compiling a bash script

    If you give it suitable permissions, (e.g. chmod 755 <scriptname>), you should just be able to double click it from the Finder.
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    Nokia phones with Pop Port

    Found a comprehensive list... Phones with Pop Port: Phones compatible with CK-7W - note that some of these may not have pop-port so won't be able to be charged by the car kit but do have bluetooth so should be able to connect to it wirelessly...
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    Nokia phones with Pop Port

    Can't think of any current/recent models still using it... all have moved over to USB now. ETA: Most recent one I can remember with it would be something like the 6280
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    My New Car

    Congrats, looks like a nicely specced example :) I had an 'S' version of the same vintage, was a great cruiser and without doubt the most comfortable car I have ever owned... Not to mention lovely growl and torque from the motor. When I got my current steed, I passed the D5 on to my old man...
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    F22 Raptor at Farnborough airshow

    Yeah it was pretty awesome, and set loads of car alarms off. I managed to get a few pics of it although the weather was not the best.
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