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    Xenon Levelling Setting

    I have a 2000 CLK with factory fit Xenons and the levelling mechanism from the front suspension is snapped off at both ends. What I would like to know is the potentiometer(?) inside the arch plug and play, or if I replace that will it need to go on a scanner? I ask because the mounting bolts...
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    CLK not locking!

    My 2000 facelift CLK 320 alarm went off 4 times with no obvious cause over the weekend so as a temporary measure I unplugged the siren. 2 days later I had the codes read by a reputable local company as a favour through work and while it was on the scanner the automatic locking was switched off...
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    Repairable Vito Injector Threads?

    Can an injector bolt thread in a 2000 Vito 110cdi cylinder head be repaired relatively easily with a Helicoil or threaded sleeve? There's one for sale locally I was considering for my own use and gather this is a common problem. I'm a diesel tech of a lot years but have no small diesel Merc...
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    Vibrating Rev Counter!

    My 2000 CLK has developed a minor fault with the instruments, when switched on or off the rev counter needle vibrates (enough so you can hear it )for about 7 seconds. When switched on it does this at zero then it, the temp and fuel gauges all spring up and work normally until it's switched off...
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    Clk CD Switched Live Problem!

    I've just put a Sony MP3/CD into my 2000 CLK but had a minor problem with the wiring. Like other head units I've come across the Sony requires a permanent live for the memory and a switched live so it switches off when the keys are removed. I can't find a switched live, the yellow is permanent...
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    CLK Knocking Rear Suspension

    I've recently bought a high mileage 1999/2000 320 CLK with more than it's fair share of suspension clonks. At the front the anti roll bar bushes seem to be the worst offenders, but the right rear is bad too. It sounds like anti roll bar bushes or a shock absorber mounting but I can find...
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    CLK W208 Gearbox and Oil.

    I have a 1999/2000 CLK 320 5 speed. Can anyone tell me which gearbox it has and which oil it takes? Am I right with 722.6 box and 236.10 oil? Thanks!
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    MF2910 CD Fault Repairable?

    I have a 1999 CLK 320 with a MF2910 CD head unit which comes up with "error" when a cd is put in it. It will play a head cleaner cd, though without the soundtrack. Is it worth fixing? Can it be fixed? I know nothing of its history or if it's original.
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    High Oil Level Warning CLK

    I 've just got a 2000 CLK 320 and after changing the oil it keeps bringing the high oil level warning on. The level is ok, 2/3 between low/high on the dipstick but when I check it on the dash it either can't do it or says too high, then when I drive 10mins the warning comes on. Regular fault...
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    CLK Sunroof Jamming

    How bad is it to get the headlining out or partially down on a 2000 Clk? The sliding inner cover on my sun roof is out of the guides and jams a sunroof that seems otherwise ok. I'd probably be happy enough for the moment if I could just get it out altogether, the sides look chewed so I wouldn't...
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    Loose Earth Strap CLK

    When I took the undertray off my 2000 CLK 320 there was a braided earth strap hanging down from the engine block just behind the air con compressor, but it wasn't obvious where it should go to. Does it just go to the chassis by the engine mounting? Thanks!
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    clk 5th gear

    Sorry if it's been covered before but I'm new here so excuse me etc. I've just got a 2000 W208 CLK 320 190,000k and after driving it for about a hour in mixed traffic conditions it suddenly changed down a gear while cruising at about 55mph, and stayed down until I fiddled with W/S switch. It...
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