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  1. uumode

    Need some help finding 12 items in this menu

    Now for something unexpected where you would expect to find 6 items in two different menu systems. (Questions are same for both menus) I'm trying to refine, and need help.
  2. uumode

    Air con performance in this heat

    Air con in my older cars ranged from icy cold to cold. My 2015 C Class is simply 'cool' presumably due to lower performing greener gases. Noticed in a range of brand new BMWs too the air con is simply 'cool' rather than cold. Also just noticed the new air con tech in the new E Class which...
  3. uumode

    C43 AMG beats two C63s AMGs in drag race?

    C43 AMG in this drag race beats two C63s AMG in this video
  4. uumode

    Last weekend application of Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer

    My usual clean with Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer Haven't used water for like 10 months, perhaps I'm pushing it, but monitoring swirl marks under LED light.
  5. uumode

    Accuracy of onboard tyre pressure measurements?

    My tyres should be at 255kPa or 36.99 psi Digital pump on petrol station forecourt is set to 2.55 bar (=255kPa) so all 4 tyres should be at 2.55 bar or 255kPa The car's own electronic reading shows Front NS = 270 Front OS = 265 Rear NS = 263 Rear OS = 255 Not overly...
  6. uumode

    Can anyone identify this car?

    I used to be able to visually identify cars from their form, details and features, but have lost that touch :fail Can anyone visually identify this car? :dk: I've been scratching my head.
  7. uumode

    Mercedes-Benz Poised to Topple BMW as World’s Luxury-Car King

    "Relegating once-dominant BMW to the No. 2 rank for the first time in more than a decade, Mercedes is likely to sustain its strong delivery pace in 2017 thanks to a new version of the E-Class sedan rolled out last March." Bloomberg
  8. uumode

    Amazing 360 video

    You need to watch this on your mobile, as the 360 view is completely navigated in a fluid fashion by turning your viewport. 360 videos are not that new, but being a video being able to react to a phone's sensors is I think (cough... I know it's BMW, but...
  9. uumode

    Mercedes E class showcase / placement on Amazon UK

    I guess it's similar to advertising on those big oversized billboards on the main entry routes into London Product placement in a high traffic area, only in this case it's Amazon.
  10. uumode

    ...the moral dilemma of programming autonomous vehicles

    Interesting, programme to sacrifice the driver to save the pedestrians?
  11. uumode

    How to power off a keyless go car?

    In a car with a key, you can turn power on and off by twisting the key to zero position or taking key out of ignition. With keyless go, press once to power up.... but how to power off? I've pressed the button again, and it tries to start the car (looking for a foot on the brake), pressing...
  12. uumode

    Forget tyre blackening, light grey appears to be the 'in' thing

    Not sure about the look myself... tyres just looks faded or UV degraded :) Or maybe something went horribly wrong with the tyres on the showcased C43 AMG coupe
  13. uumode

    W205 C Class Burmester upgraded and blogged

    Interesting article for those who find their Burmester in their C class slightly lacking.
  14. uumode

    Geo ring fencing alerts after MB connect me app upgrades

    I found that after MB refreshed their connect me app, My geo ring fencing alert emails have stopped. Anyone else find they are not getting the alert emails when car exits or enters the specified geo fence?
  15. uumode

    Mercedes Me Connect mileage report

    If i view the mileage where the tank level and range is displayed (or Odo on dash) it indicates 2,493 miles but if I go to 'Vehicle Details' where it gives initial date or registration, colour of car, CO2 emissions etc, the mileage there is 4,013 miles a difference of 1,520! So when...
  16. uumode

    Inside of my alloys polished

    I can polish the insides of my wheels without taking them off :) Got carried away and cleaned the wheel weights as well.
  17. uumode

    Bit of road rage

    Didn't realise this happened behind me :D Taxi and MPV clowning about
  18. uumode

    Used my W205 horn for first time today

    Please tell me if my horn didn't warrant it
  19. uumode

    Important messages - should I read?

    Should I read my (4) important messages? Who would actually read them?
  20. uumode

    Remote Parking Pilot for C Class hopes dashed

    Logged into Mercedes Me Connect store and it presented to me based on chassis number/ model number an option to purchase the Remote Parking Pilot. Looks like I could almost acquire it for £222 3 year term but turns out there is a line which points out it's not available after all :wallbash:
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