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    New Specialist in the North East

    A friend of mind who is a MB trained mechanic with 12 years experience has opened up his own business, in preston Farm Stockton on Tees Cleveland. Details Prestige Servicing & Repairs Tel 01642 669100 Fax 669150. He has been privately servcing my cars for some years now...
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    Gunny's C Class is for sale

    :crazy: Well after one year of ownership of the w203 C 200 Komp Its time to say good bye. Fixed all the Knocks, got the car looking like new - maybe a little sorry to see it go - but what the hell !! :rolleyes: Here's the add. 2001 Y reg C200 Kompressor avantgarde 6 speed manual...
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    Re Mapping ECU

    A few weeks ago a mate put me in touch with a guy who had the kit to carry out re-maps of MB ECU's. After speaking with the guy on the phone I have decided not to use him as I am a sceptical in using someone that - 1. I dont know very well & charges £350.00 for the pleasure. 2...
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    Re Mapping C 200 Komp

    The guy that services my car has just bought all the gubbins / soft ware to Re Map (chip)Mercs as well as other makes . He is offering to carry out a re-map of my w203 C 200 Komp which will lift the bhp from 170 to a maximum of 190bhp as well as a few other tweaks. The cost for this is...
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    Number Plates

    :cool: Found a really good web site, You can design your own reg plates - They have some really good MB logos & font styles Gunny
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    Maf Air Fl0w Meter

    Can anyone let me have the part number for a w203 C200 kompressor replacement MAF Airflow Meter. Mine seems to have gone west - engine lacks power, fuel consumption is a bit heavy, looking on the website- classic symtems of MAF failure. Gunny
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    tapping noise from CLK 320 engine

    My 1999 65k CLK 320 has developed a tapping noise from the top of the engine when starting from cold. This noise stays until the engine starts to warm up, then disapears - only to return when the engine is cold or the car has been stood for up to about 3 hours. This weekend I changed the...
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    203 Head Light Bulbs

    Hi all I want to upgrade the headlight bulbs on my 2001 C class 203 1. Because I do a lot of night time driving & could do with a bit more light up front. 2. I dont like the look of the very dim 'yellowish' side lights against the bright dipped head lights. I...
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    auto sensing wipers

    How do I switch off the auto sensing facility on my wipers Gunny
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    C200 Still Knocking

    Well as you may or may not know , purchased a 203 C200 Komp Avantgarde with 70.000 on the clock ( cheap I may add) a few months ago. After owning the car for a couple of days I noticed there was a knock from the front end, this was diagnosed as the the drop links, which I subsequently...
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    Class speaker grille

    C Class speaker grille Hi Guys Went out in the C Class Bank Hol Monday to Helmsley North Yorkshire. Anyway found a nice large parking space, left the car & went for a walk (and ice cream). On my return some Nobber in a nissan micra had parked so close I had to go on the Atkins diet to...
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    New C class front end knock

    Hi Guys Well Gunny has a problem, bought a new shape C Class 3 weeks ago 2001 with 70000 on the clock, when I drove the car at the sellers house I didnt notice anything wrong with the car, but as we all know, "you hand over your hard earned & the minute you get to the end of the the road"...
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    Wheels & tyres for sale

    4 no genuine MB alloys 205x16x60 previuosly fitted to my CLK 320 as standard equiment , I think they are probably the Avantgarde type - I see a lot of E Class models with them on. They are all in decent nick no kerb marks, small amount of discolouration to the lacquer on 2 of the rims, but...
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    Shiny pedals

    Hi Guys & Gals Havn't been on the site for some time due to work commitments. Bought a new Merc well its new to me, 2001 C 200 Kompessor 6 speed, metalic black, all the bits wheels, etc etc - such a nice motor. Still got the CLK 320 (Sundays only now). What I need is to change the...
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    Items for sale

    For sale 4no 16" avantguard wheels fitted with nearly new 205x65 pirelli P6000 tyres, as fitted as original equipment from a 1999 320 CLK. All the wheels are in very good condition only a slight hint of discolouration to the polished edge on one wheel - never been kerbed. All the tyres look...
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    CLK 320 paint

    Just got my my 1999 CLK 320 back from the local MERC body shop. They agreed to repaint both rear quarters & the bottom of the passenger door under the warrenty, as well as replacing the boot lid - this was all down to rust blemishes showing through. The paint job is ok I have seen...
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    C Class front grill

    I have a C Class front grill insert for sale, it came off my previous Merc a 1994 C 180, its a black insert with the Mercedes logo in the middle. I only had it on the car for a week 'cause the wife said it looked like a drug dealers car'. Its still boxed in as new condition. Asking £40.00...
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    Clk Door Mirrors

    Well my last post was about changing the door mirrors on my CLK for the later type, with the indicator in The good news is that my local stealership parts man ( Martin) at Rycroft of Stockton really turned it on & searched his data base & came up with the goods. He suggested that i...
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    Clk Mirrors

    I have a CLK 320 coupe 1999 & I want to fit the later style door mirror backs with the indicator repeater in - does any one know if this is possible. i am aware that i will have to carry out wiring mods - but need to know if new mirror backs will fit on the old frame. Also I am looking...
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