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  1. Red C220

    Building your dream car

    The more I look at cars, or look for something else interesting, the more I understand what this guy has done. Modern cars are now so incredibly fast and capable that much of the fun of driving has been completely lost. This video captures some of that. I don't fully understand the Millions...
  2. Red C220

    S560 Coupe

    It's Christmas/New Year and I was bored by last Thursday. So I'm sitting here waiting to go back to work and I'm on all the online configurators speccing up Bentley's, GTC4Lussos and all sort of things that I'm not going to buy whilst the good Mrs Red watches Soaps and Murder (on ID). I've...
  3. Red C220

    Weathered race car wraps

    I've never been a fan of vehicle wraps until I saw this: That looks awesome. More images here:- Weathered Gulf Livery Porsche GT3RS | Skepple Inc
  4. Red C220

    Some men in a shed in Norfolk build a Tesla estate

    They insist on calling it a shooting brake, which it isn't, but I do like the very Englishness of a few men building a car in a shed.
  5. Red C220

    Building Regs advice

    I'm moving house in the new year (fingers crossed) and I'll be putting up an outbuilding in the back garden (large garden office type thing). It will fall within permitted development guidelines, be constructed more than 2m from the boundary, no more than 3m high but it will be more than 30m2...
  6. Red C220

    Audi RS5 Coupe vs AMG C63s Coupe

  7. Red C220

    How toxic is your cars exhaust?

    Interesting article about a guy who undertook real world comparison tests between a 23 year old petrol Golf and a 9 year old Skoda Diesel in comparison to new vehicle emissions. How toxic is your car exhaust? - BBC News
  8. Red C220

    C43 Coupe review

  9. Red C220

    W124 6.0 32v V8 AMG Wagon

    I posted this previously but I think it got lost in the forum change over. This for me is AMG, probably because these were the poster cars of my teens and I see these as the ultimate Q car, which is something I have a penchant for. The numbers this produces pale in comparison to today's...
  10. Red C220

    E63s vs C63s

  11. Red C220

    Worlds Greatest Drag Race 7

  12. Red C220

    UK Oil & Gas (LSE:UKOG)

    I play at stocks and shares, it isn't an income for me as such, more a hobby. For those of you that like to dabble and may not have come across this one, it's an AIM share. Basically that means it's a bet (gamble) rather than an investment, but that's what I like, I do this as an alternative to...
  13. Red C220

    Genuine MB Bootliner for 212 E class Estate Free to a good home

    I've put this in "interiors" as opposed to classifieds, as firstly I'm not selling it and secondly so people can reply to the thread. So the picture below shows the liner that has been in the boot of our 2014 E Class estate for the last three years. With the car gone yesterday it's now surplus...
  14. Red C220

    2017 Audi S6 Avant

    The E class replacement arrived today. I know it would have looked awesome as a black edition but there were just too many components of the package that I didn't want. So I'm probably going to wrap the chrome around the windows and the roof rails black. The chrome strip on the boot...
  15. Red C220

    115hp and no reverse gear

    This looks like the most fun you can have on four wheels. [YOUTUBE HD]LU4bIsdnbkM[/YOUTUBE HD]
  16. Red C220

    Ever thought MB charge a lot for options?

    Here is a new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso order from a guy in the USA. Prices are in US $.
  17. Red C220

    Blade Runner 2049

    I had absolutely no idea a sequel had been made to this film, I stumbled across this today, it looks awesome. I just hope it does the original justice. GDscTTE-P-k
  18. Red C220

    Your Audi

    Late last year we ordered an Audi to replace our E estate. There were a number of reasons, we fancied a change, we could order one any colour we wanted (not just Audi Colours) for a sensible cost and the ride on the test drive was just excellent on standard Air Suspension. We had every...
  19. Red C220

    Supercar Finance

    I know we have a few owners on the forum and I wondered if any of you had a reliable contacts for Supercar Finance rather than me just Googling a random company. I've been to have a look at something today and the dealer has given me some numbers, I just need to make sure it's the going rate...
  20. Red C220

    Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

    I'm not a massive fan of new Ferrari's (I really like some of the old ones though), the new ones look like Playstation cars to me to be honest and are a bit daft. But blimey I like this. Ferrari's £200k, 600bhp GTC4Lusso T comes to Paris | Top Gear
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