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  1. moonloops

    Gold plated optical cable 😂:wallbash:
  2. moonloops

    ...and they were going to add a caravan to the mix...
  3. moonloops

    Bertha Benz - first long distance car journey

    Bertha :thumb:
  4. moonloops

    Four years since I bought my W204 !

    That has to say something about how good an all-rounder my C350 CDI has been. I normally change cars every 6 months to a year. No major issues, no breakdowns, no punctures and starts every time, even after been laid up for a month recently. Gets a trot on when needed and does decent enough 40...
  5. moonloops

    Covid-19 Updated Government loan scheme

    Revamped loan scheme kicks of on Monday for small businesses: Some helpful info here:
  6. moonloops

    When the lockdown ends list out what will happen and why

    1. Lots of car crashes - as everyone has forgotten how to drive. 2. Less incest - obvious really :D 3. Actually speaking to your neighbours - as you need to borrow the industrial grass cutter. over to thee..
  7. moonloops

    4 x Michelin cross climate tyres 225 40 18 / 92Y

    Excellent all season tyre Under 500 miles on them Buyer collects from Milton Keynes £320 for the full set of 4 tyres.
  8. moonloops


    Smoking driver 'blows up' car with air freshener They walk among us :D
  9. moonloops

    Tesla outsells Mercedes Benz in the USA

    Tesla just outsold Mercedes-Benz in the US for the first time Maybe as a business it will stop making huge losses by 2099 :D
  10. moonloops

    I know some folks fuss over their pride and joy....

    But I had to chuckle watching this guy fashion paper towels around his cars fuel filler. Ready to catch any drips and to wipe its 4rse afterwards :D
  11. moonloops

    Not on Ebay.. but both sweet and eye watering...

    RM Sotheby's - 1989 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG 6.0 'Wide-Body' | Paris 2019
  12. moonloops

    Fitted michelin crossclimates last weekend and....errr...

    ..seriously WTF are these tyres made from? Over the last few days it has been very cold and very wet. Why is the wet grip of these tyres making the same as driving my car on summer pilot 4's in August? I've not been hooning around on them, just leaving everyone else on the road in my mirrors...
  13. moonloops

    M1 HADECS cameras - are they live yet?

    Does anyone know if the HADECS units are live or not? some people are slowing down for them, whilst others are blasting through. These are not the variable speed limit cameras for the smart motorways. They have been placed every 5 miles or so from Yorkshire to Northants /Bucks as far as I can tell.
  14. moonloops

    Me likey a lot

    Mercedes CL63 AMG - Metallic Iridium Silver over Black Exclusive Leather. Full MB Service History I'd buy it tomorrow if it was black rather than the tedious Mercedes silver !
  15. moonloops

    SKYNET is here and it's taking over..

    When I say taking over I mean delivering your salt riddled groceries within an hour. A world first apparently! I was watching several of these silly little sods today as I walked to the shops, and I'm sure they were all watching me. I swear two of them were staring each other out, as they both...
  16. moonloops

    What's this socket thingy?

    Any ideas on what this doohickey socket is for?
  17. moonloops

    How to retro fit heated seats on any Mercedes for less than £5

    Simply chop up some naga chillies and spread them on the car seat before driving off. :D
  18. moonloops

    W204 Drivers door card wanted

    A bit of a long shot but I need a drivers door card as the handle has broken on mine.
  19. moonloops

    Large fire near Wayne Gates

    The fire that has shut down the west coast rail line is just across the tracks from Wayne Gates. Hopefully not too much disruption for them or their customers. Me = having to work from home on a Friday so pub lunch beckons. :D
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