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    Goodyear Asymetric 3

    Im on my third set of four. Brilliant tyres for the money. By far better than the Contis I have before.
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    Tyre recommendations

    Again Goodyear Eagle F1 3. Im on my third set. I get 30K miles rears and 36k miles fronts. Very quite, good grip wet and dry and generally pay £550 for a set of 4. 265/35/18 rear and 245/45/18 fronts. May be cheaper for different sizes.
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    Professional Diagnostic Tool CR Plus for Multi-brand Vehicles

    This was bought to use on my families cars. (My W211 E280 CDI Sport, Vauxhall Astra 2011 and Vauxhall Corsa 2004). I have since being given an opportunity to a full professional kit hence I'm selling this. It is boxed as new. I have included some screen shots to give you an indication of its...
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    Front coil spring failure W211 E280 Sport

    A college of mine in his bmw. Front nearside went. Lost control but regained it. Ripped into his tyre and damaged his alloy.
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    Front coil spring failure W211 E280 Sport

    That is exactly what has happened. Not good given the rate of failure.
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    Front coil spring failure W211 E280 Sport

    Would hate to think it had gone whilst driving!
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    Front coil spring failure W211 E280 Sport

    Had a nice surprise waiting for me this morning! I went out last night in the car and parked up on return as normal. This has happened over night whilst stationary. I think I've been very luck as if it had gone when I was driving; it could have been a whole lot worse! I quick call to MB...
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    ESP and ABS Lights.

    I had the same issue as well as tyre pressure off too. It turned out to be the brake peddle switch. £13.50 from MB. I used car icarsoft diagnostics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    advice on fitting camber bolts w211

    In order to have it done correctly; you will need it done by a professional as it is very sensitive. I have standard sports set up and 0.5 degrees out of tolerance was enough to scrub my inner edge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    W211 E280 Rear brakes binding after new discs and pads

    Ok this is for the benefit of others as I have now resolved this. My car is a E280 CDI Sport 2008. I bought it two years ago with 70k and it now has 138k My brake wear sensors were triggered on the front 30k after the last replacement pads. Discs had covered 68k I decided to replace all...
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    W211 E280 CDI Sport - ESP inoperative

    I work up north so happy to meet and run it on my diagnostic tool. Mine used to come and go. The codes were logged so once changed and cleared all good.
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    W211 E280 CDI Sport - ESP inoperative

    Well I received my iCarsoft CR Plus Multi System & Multi Vehicle Diagnostic Tool this morning. Very easy piece of kit to use. Plugged it in as per instructions. Immediately in the codes stored was the "brake pedal switch". I collected a new genuine part at £13.50 inc VAT. Fitted in under 10...
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    W211 E280 CDI Sport - ESP inoperative

    Started the car on the morning and received ESP inoperative + Tyre monitoring inoperative. After driving a while I tried to engage cruise and received Cruise inoperative. Also no hold when stationary at lights. Switched the engine off. Restart and fault cleared for two days. Came back mid...
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    W211 front suspension rattle noise when driving over rough road surface

    Also do not rule out the top strut mount. I changed mine after changing everything else! Bingo! However I used the ECP own brand and now changing again but using original parts. When I jack up the front in the middle I can see the shock bolt is sagging well below the other side. It as if the...
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    722.9 Gearbox service E280 2008 FYI

    Ok so I completed the service today. All went very well. I have a drain plug in my TC so I managed to drain 7.25 ltrs. The fluid was very dirty to think it had apparently been done 25k miles ago. After running up the temp to 45c the overspill was still a nice cherry red. The drive was night...
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    722.9 Gearbox service E280 2008 FYI

    You are right. However if I take multiple readings from a broad section I should get as close to your techs hands. [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    722.9 Gearbox service E280 2008 FYI

    This guy does a great write up. Nice and simple.
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    722.9 Gearbox service E280 2008 FYI

    Its not just the price. It costs anywhere from £150-200 and most are not doing it properly or they would be charging you for at least 9-10 litres of fluid. I don't mind paying if the job is done right. So I have invested in a good set of tools over the past five years. I have serviced my own...
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    722.9 Gearbox service E280 2008 FYI

    Also using the oil pump kit in the link you fill from the sump pan underneath the car. The pump is the correct tool for gearboxes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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