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  1. Steveml63

    Murray Walker RIP

    Just heard the sad news that Murray Walker has passed away aged 97, Grew up watching F1 with his fantastic commentaries - gaffes and all!
  2. Steveml63

    Does anybody recognise the make and model of this unusual car?

    Hi, I was visiting a car show in Dubai back in 2013 and took a picture of this unusual car - but did not look closely at the make & model. Its bugging me now to get it identified! Anybody know what it is? Cheers Steve
  3. Steveml63

    RIP Sir Sean Connery

    Just heard that Sir Sean has passed away at the ripe old age of 90!
  4. Steveml63

    Frank Bough RIP

    Just heard the news that Frank Bough has passed away at the ripe old age of 87. He always seemed to be on the TV in the 70’s & 80’s
  5. Steveml63

    Dame Dianna Rigg RIP

    Just heard the sad news that Diana Rigg has passed away. Never forget how stunning she looked - as Emma Peel in The Avengers series! RIP
  6. Steveml63

    Beirut mystery explosion

    Hi i have seen plenty of explosions - but cannot recall seeing one as big as the one that happened in Beirut this afternoon (other than atom bomb tests!) Cheers Steve
  7. Steveml63

    Eddie Large RIP

    Just heard the sad news that Eddie Large (little & large) has passed away from complications of COVID-19. Corny double act from the 70’s - but sad news
  8. Steveml63

    Kenny Rogers RIP

    Just heard that Kenny Rogers has just died (of natural causes!)
  9. Steveml63

    Roy Hudd RIP

    Just heard the sad news that Roy Hudd has just passed away. An all round entertainer and real gent.
  10. Steveml63

    Nicholas Parsons RIP

    Hi, Just heard the sad news that Nicholas Parsons has passed away at the grand old age of 96! He seemed to have been around forever!! Who remembers Sale of the century!! Cheers Steve
  11. Steveml63

    Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies RIP

    Sad news today - Marie from Roxette has died after a long battle with brain cancer. Rather liked her fierce leather babe look and her music!
  12. Steveml63

    Gary Rhodes RIP

    Sad to hear that Gary Rhodes has just died. We had the pleasure of meeting him in 2014 at an event in the British Embassy, Dubai - he was a true gent and we spent a long time talking with him. My wife took an instant shine to him! Here they are:- Cheers Steve
  13. Steveml63

    No more C63 V8 in future?

    Hi, It seems that Mercedes might be dropping the V8 in the next C63 in favour of a similarly powered, downsized, hybrid powertrain! Next AMG C63 to ditch V8 for hybrid four-pot | Autocar This is certainly a vision of the future for previously big engined cars! Cheers Steve
  14. Steveml63

    Breaking news - Robert Mugabe is no longer!

    Breaking news this morning! Sadly - his passing might be a bit late for Zimbabwe to recover from the years of his rule.
  15. Steveml63

    Pictures of GLB35 - looks amazing!

    Hi, Some exterior and interior shots of the new GLB35. I think the styling is spot-on - it looks chunky but stylish. Cheers Steve
  16. Steveml63

    Sad news for future AMG exhaust sounds!

    Hi, Sad story about future AMG exhaust noises Cheers Steve
  17. Steveml63

    Mercedes Tiguan anyone?

    Hi, Is it me - or does the newly revealed GLB look like the previous generation VW Tiguan? Cheers Steve
  18. Steveml63

    Interesting news about 2022 EQE electric saloon from Mercedes

    Hi, Interesting article about the EQE electric saloon from Mercedes Mercedes-Benz to launch EQE electric saloon in 2022 | Autocar Cheers Steve
  19. Steveml63

    Niki Lauda RIP

    Just heard the sad news that racing legend Niki Lauda has passed away! Grew up watching him in formula 1 - battling the likes of James Hunt (immortalized brilliantly in the film Rush) and battling his recovery from that awful accident. A totally focused, professional and ruthlessly competitive...
  20. Steveml63

    Freddie Starr RIP

    Breaking news - poor Freddie has been found dead at his Spanish home. I have such fond memories of him in the 70’s and 80’s but like many comedians - he seemed to have a very troubled life, especially in recent years.
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