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  1. OneTwoNine

    Double Staggered BBS CI-R - R231 Spec

    Double Staggered BBS CI-R finished in Matt Platinum Front Wheels & Tyres - 9.5Jx19" ET25 with 255/35 R19 Accelera PHI-R Tyres (covered less than 1000 miles) Rear Wheels & Tyres - 10.5Jx20" ET35 with 285/30 R20 Accelera PHI-2 Tyres (covered less than 1000 miles) These wheels were spec'd by...
  2. OneTwoNine

    R231 SL350 Braking Difference

    I’ve been looking into the difference in specs between a R231 SL350 braking in terms of AMG Sport package equipped cars and NON AMG Sport equipped cars. Obviously, I’m aware disks will be different in diameter and also have noticed AMG Sport package cars have drilled rear disks as opposed to...
  3. OneTwoNine

    C140 S600 Coupe Speakers

    Evening, I have just purchased a C140 S-Class Coupe. The vehicle has only the standard ICE and I am wondering if anyone knows the size and locations of all the speakers in the car. I can see the obvious ones which are 2 front of doors, 1 rear of the doors and tweeters in the dashboard. But...
  4. OneTwoNine

    R129 Suspension Upgrades

    So I've got a 97 SL320 which has been in the family 20 years. Handed down to me by my Granddad. First thing I did when I got it was install Silver Arrow Alberio wheels with P Zero tyres and some 30mm AP springs. But, the car doesn't really feel planted at all. 'Sports Lightweight', not even...
  5. OneTwoNine

    AMG 3 Slat Grille - W219

    3 Slat Grille from a CLS55/63 AMG W219 pre facelift so iirc pre 2008. In good condition with a few marks on it from stone chips. I've rubbed over the OE part numbers with a pencil to make reading them a little easier. £170 delivered via Royal Mail Special Delivery 1pm.
  6. OneTwoNine

    W219 Debadged Front Grille

    Debadged front grille. Imported from Japan as I could find a good enough on over here. Tried it on... liked the look of it, took it off to spray and never done it. I have a CLS AMG front grille on the car so this is no long required. It made of fibreglass. Fits really well for a fibreglass...
  7. OneTwoNine

    Potential Boost Leak

    My CLS320 CDi has a boost leak. It's on the join between the metal pipe and the cold side of the turbo. I've taken it all apart but when I took it all apart the metal pipe was loose.. you could move it back and forth with no effort what so ever. Anywho, once i'd taken it apart i found half a...
  8. OneTwoNine

    D6 (III) Brabus Eco Powerxtra

    Used it for 5 years in my 2007 CLS320 CDi and now that I don't use the car as much anymore I have decided I want to go down the route of bigger IC, Hybrid Turbo, DPF delete etc meaning I'll be getting a live remap on the car once all the works been done. The unit has only been removed to day...
  9. OneTwoNine

    SL R129 Running Issue

    So, I’ve recently fitted a brand new Bosch fuel pump to my SL along with had the car fully serviced with new fuel filter etc and the car drove fine. I’ve parked the car up back at home after driving it back from the garage and come back to it the weekend and now I’ve gone to start the car which...
  10. OneTwoNine

    x4 Rear AMG III wheels

    WANTED x4 AMG Type III Alloy Wheels. Part No - A219 401 16 02 Specs - 9.5Jx19” ET28 All 4 wheels must be structurally, mint ie straight and true, no buckles, flat spots, previous welding, cracks etc. I do not mind curb marks / rashing. I am fully aware that I will have to piece this set...
  11. OneTwoNine

    Love or Hate, that’s the question..

    So after 3 years of my Designo Mauritius Blue CLS sitting on the Staggered 20” BBS CI-R with a dechromed look I decided to change it up... The new setup is as follows: - full strip down of the dechrome - diamond style front grille (1st on a W219?) - Rotiform IND-T 20” x 10.0J all round with...
  12. OneTwoNine

    W219 CLS Grilles

    1) OEM 4 Slat Grille in very good, original condition... came on my car originally, but replaced with 3 slat AMG grille. £100 + £15 postage. --------------------------------------------- 2) OEM Facelift 'Final Edition' 2 Slat Grille, in very good condition... bought with the intention of...
  13. OneTwoNine

    W219 OEM Airmatic Link Set

    Does anyone have a set of the linkage that go on in place of the lowering linkages on the CLS W219. Cash waiting.
  14. OneTwoNine

    SL R129 Grey Leather Door Card

    As title. Drivers side for a 1997 car. Kind of desperate for a replacement as mine is beyond repair. Must be in very good condition or mint. Cash waiting. Depending on distance, may require delivery via courier. Thanks
  15. OneTwoNine

    Info - W219 / W211 Changer Pocket

    I'm removing the command system completely out of my CLS but I still want full use of the pocket where the CD changer sits. Does anyone know how to get this to work without the CD changer / command fitted or know the parts I need to be able to make this work. All help will be greatly...
  16. OneTwoNine

    Audio Upgrade

    So, Im in the process of gathering parts for a big rebuild on the audio side of things. Yes, my car has a HK 7.1 install but I'm still not happy with it. So, I'm going for a fully digital Audison Voce system all round. In the way of headunit, I'm thinking of going with a mechless Alpine headunit...
  17. OneTwoNine

    W219 CLS Interior Parts

    After the following parts for my CLS as I'm in the process of upgrading the audio and ripping the HK factory system and sat nav etc. I'm installing a full Audison Voce 3 way active up front and rear, Audison Bit One Processor, 2 6 channel Amps running front and rear speaker setup with x2...
  18. OneTwoNine

    19" Mania Racing Wheels

    These came of my SL in the summer once I'd had my silver arrow wheels refurbed and put fitted. This is a square setup so the specs are 8.5Jx19" ET35 all round. Condition - the wheels do require a refurb as all the lacquer has milked due to the age and there is some curb rashing. I've...
  19. OneTwoNine

    19" CLS AMG Type III wheels

    Selling the original type 3 wheels that came fitted on my CLS as I am now running 20" BBS CI-R. The wheels over all are in good condition but, could do with a refurb. Faces are silver and I've sprayed the insides matt black due to the paint flaking etc. They do have a few bits of curb rashing...
  20. OneTwoNine

    Parts from my CLS

    I'm removing some of the after market stuff off my CLS purely due to changing a few things around things like removing the airmatic system due it failing once again on me and replacing for a coilover kit. I will update this with pics etc... everything is still fitted to my car atm as I'm...
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