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  1. MicB


    On Sunday evening my car displayed, in white, ABC visit workshop On Monday morning on start up the car displayed, ABC drive carefully (superfluous advise as I always drive carefully ***!!!???) Some ABC fluid on my garage floor but on checking there was enough fluid in the reservoir (I...
  2. MicB

    R230 Fuel Tanks

    The first R230s apparently had a fuel tank fitted that had either no baffles or too few baffles allowing fuel to slosh around in the tank too freely which apart from all else could be heard from within the cabin.......consequently the fuel tank was modified for later cars with additional...
  3. MicB

    Bicester Heritage January Scramble

    My Dad and I will be attending. Anyone else fancy this? Bicester Heritage January Scramble Events - Bicester Heritage Mic
  4. MicB

    My R230

    Anniversary report.......we collected the SL from Bremen 18 September 2003. Another year and 10925 miles have quickly past.......recorded odometer reading today is 114409 miles. It has been a ''quiet'' year financially for the SL with aggregate expenditure at only £ year...
  5. MicB

    Pan European Breakdown Cover

    In the past I have insured with RAC on a trip by trip basis for mainland Europe but for the next twelve months I am going to be outside the UK for enough time to warrant annual cover. MrsB and I are members of the RAC for UK breakdown cover for any car, driver or passenger, so I had...
  6. MicB

    Star Service from Star Motor Services as always

    08.15 hrs. yesterday morning on my way home from my Wednesday morning swim the SL cut out.....dead kaput nothing. Bother.....I don't take my phone to swimming.....tried to start the car a few times but it was not having any of it (turning over but not firing). I was on a down hill slope so I...
  7. MicB


    They have both gone now They were brothers, born in January 2003......Bentley (the red one) ''died'' in October of last year and we took the decision to end Riley's life (the brindle) last Thursday. Riley was, for us, the end of an era spanning over 38 years of living with...
  8. MicB

    Rescue Assist, QR rescue Codes

    Mr Bennett, At Mercedes-Benz we've always believed that you can't put a price on safety, so we haven't. Our latest innovation - Rescue Assist: QR Rescue Codes - can be fitted completely free of charge in a matter of minutes, which is why we'd like you to get in touch today and book your car in...
  9. MicB

    No more scraping of windscreens?

    I received an email today from Inchcape, as no doubt did many others, offering to apply Diamon-Fusion to my windscreen for £99 I am not about to rush to ''invest'' it a newish product? it as good as the claim? No doubt...
  10. MicB

    Bose Amplifier and associated parts ex early R230

    Bose Amplifier......230 820 01 89 6 CD changer A 203 820 90 89 MC 3010 Tele Atlas CDs DX United Kingdom and Ireland.....2004/2005, 2005, 2007/2008 Major Roads of Western Europe......2004/2005 France.....2005 Germany.....2006 Italy.....2006 Czech and Poland combined.....2005/2006 Also the...
  11. MicB


    Your PM box is full......reduces your chances of selling W140 wheels. If you want to talk wheels please contact me.....under my profile you will find every possible way of making contact. Thanks Mic
  12. MicB


    Circuit des Remparts d'Angoulême - Home Tomorrow morning I leave in the SL for the motor racing in Angouleme staying over night with relatives near Orleans. Angouleme Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and then on the return journey staying for a further three nights in St. Louans in the Loire...
  13. MicB

    I have just bought this beautiful car.........

    .........which is to replace the BMW 735i SE 1988. I think this complements the SL rather well. Mic
  14. MicB

    Silverstone Classic 22/23/24 July 2011

    I will be going on the Saturday 23 July Silverstone Classic | Silverstone Classic 2011 – Rocking and Racing. Anybody else going on that day? Mic
  15. MicB

    Sex aid?

    I recommend this Mini-Vac Kit | Frost Auto Restoration Techniques the photograph shows the scale and how it is attached to ''Henry's'' suction pipe. or you could use it around all those awkward to clean areas inside the car, absolutely brilliant......nonetheless you should get a set...
  16. MicB

    2001 clk 430

    I have just agreed to buy a 2001 CLK 430 for Mrs.B to run around in. the deed is done with not much money at risk but I thought some of you chaps might be prepared to comment upon the wisdom of this purchase in terms of.....well anything at all really. It is Avantgarde, 115k miles with the...
  17. MicB

    Just saying Hello

    I was recently introduced to this site by one of your members, I will not say who for fear of embarrassing him, but I have been on the MBO Forum for nearly a year and have found it very rewarding if not time consuming and a little addictive. So.....hello Mic
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