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  1. Aletank

    Roller Garage Door Motor Replacement ?

    I have 2004 Cardale Thermaglide electric roller garage door, never had a problem until now. Tonight it wouldn't raise past maybe 4 inches and the motor makes a buzzing sound. If I give it a helping hand it moves a few more inches then stops again, once over halfway up it goes itself then, coming...
  2. Aletank

    Paint/Body Shops Infrared Lamp Vs Bake Oven ??

    I see a lot of Paint/Body shops are using Infrared Lamps over Bake Ovens to cure the paint. What are the pro's/cons of the Infrared Lamps ? Are they any better than Bake Ovens ?
  3. Aletank

    New BMW 520d M-Sport

    After 15 years of Mercedes I've moved over to the Dark Side:eek: Last week i had delivered a brand new - BMW 520d M-Sport Auto M-Sport Plus Package Professional Navigation Multi-Media Split/Fold Rear Seats Space Grey Oyster Leather Click to Enlarge I tried Mercedes,Jaguar,Audi,Volvo, BMW...
  4. Aletank

    AdBlue - Does It Reduce DPF Issues ?

    AdBlue - Does it reduce DPF issues ? Also is there a gauge to tell you how much you have put in or is it just fill until it overflows ? lol
  5. Aletank

    Flappy Paddle Gears - Who Uses Them ? (poll)

    I've spoke to a few Mercedes owners who when telling me about the features their car has, tell me in a rather excited voice/face - It's got Flappy Paddle Gears ! I then say have you ever used them or do you use them ? Their replay has always been - oh no :confused: To be honest it's not...
  6. Aletank

    Satellite Navigation Pre Wire (Optional Maps Module Required)

    Just browsing used Mercedes, I've noticed a number of cars appear to have built in sat nav but then have - Satellite Navigation Pre Wire (Optional Maps Module Required) So without the Optional Maps Module, there is no Sat Nav ? Where are these modules obtained from ? What do they cost ? Are...
  7. Aletank

    200k Miles in 31 Months

    Always amazes me these high mileage young cars Would love to know who buys them and what problems / things they need to replace over the next 3/4 years once into "normal" 10k miles per year ownership. Mercedes-Benz E Class 2.1 E250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Avantgarde 7G-Tronic Plus 4dr (start/stop)
  8. Aletank

    Abandoned Dealerships With Stock ?

    Do you think this really happens ? Amazing Pictures Of Abandoned Ghost Car Dealerships - Gleems
  9. Aletank

    Auction Prices

    I'm always interested in what prices cars are going through the auctions at but there is virtually no information on this on the net. I've found a site that publishes some prices each month, this months are mainly Mercedes listed. Recent Car Auction Sale Prices Achieved September 2015 - Buying...
  10. Aletank

    09 W204 Vs 2012 Passat Estates

    Just pondering future car purchases, I've had Mercedes for the past 13 years, always slightly older models. My GF had a brand new Vx Zafira and the build quality was poor compared to my older, probably 4/5 times cheaper Mercedes. I am maybe looking at a car change in the next 12 months or so...
  11. Aletank

    IE Favourites Not Showing

    I'm not sure what I've done but when I click my Favourites Tab it just shows - Feeds For UK & Microsoft Feeds. My Favourites Bar at the top is there but no Favourites Bar folder showing in the Favourites Tab. If I click the Favourites Tab then Organise Favourites, the box that pops up shows...
  12. Aletank

    W203 Service Light Won't Reset ?

    I've just done a oil change etc & I can't get the Service Indicator to reset. It's the 3rd one I've done on this car and had no problems previously. The manual states - Switch the car on - I've tried engine running & without Scroll to the Service Spanner - mine says 5 days remaining Press...
  13. Aletank

    Cardale Electric Garage Door Remote Problem

    I have a Nov 2004 Cardale Thermaglide Roller Shutter, I have a problem with the remotes. I use 2 remotes, recently both have been intermittent so I thought Id change the batteries but was still the same. I then thought I'd reprogram both remotes, now one works perfect but the 2nd won't...
  14. Aletank

    Belt Slipping Noise ? 2003 C180k

    When the engine is cold and I'm in Drive or Reverse with my foot on the brake I'm getting a chirping sound as if the belt is slipping. When the engine is warmed up it's fine. The belt looks OK, not perished etc Any idea guys ? Could this be Alternator Clutch Pulley ? Thanks ;)
  15. Aletank

    Osram Nightbreakers Turned Yellow

    I've had H7 Osram Nightbreaker + in for a couple of years now, I'm sure they weren't this yellow when I first fitted them. Is it likely that they have turned yellow over time ?
  16. Aletank

    Modern Small Engines & High Mileages ?

    I'm just wondering what peoples thoughts are on manufacturers putting these small eco type engines in big cars . For example Ford have a 1.6 in the Mondeo & 1 Litre in a Focus, Vauxhall a 1.4 in the Insignia, Mercedes putting a 1.6 in a C-Class & probably the E-Class. These cars are typically...
  17. Aletank

    Textar or Brembo Brake Pads ?

    I'm going to change the Front Brake Pads on my car (see Sig) this weekend. The car has the Sports Pack brakes fitted with OEM Drilled/Vented Discs. I've always fitted Textar in the past but GSF have Brembo available, I like the idea of the Textar Epads but are a little dear, prices are below...
  18. Aletank

    47.1 MPG - 2003 C180k Petrol !

    I was on the M62 near Leeds with the average speed cameras, I set the cruise control to 50mph, once the cameras was finished, I stuck to about 60mph. I've had a average of 42 mpg over a 250ish mile journey, Liverpool to Minehead without even trying but never got a pic of that. Pity i don't get...
  19. Aletank

    Land Rover Stuck In The Mud !

    I was in my local park today and seen this, It seems to have some sort of parking ticket on the windscreen to! I didn't see the ticket until i got the pics onto the laptop !
  20. Aletank

    W203 Roof Bars & Cycle Carrier Options/Questions

    I'm on the look out for some Roof Bars & Cycle Carriers for my W203 Saloon, I've got a Wanted Advert in the Classifieds here and also searching Ebay. If I got Genuine Mercedes Roof Bars, would the Thule Cycle Roof Carriers Fit ? Has anyone any experience with Atera Roof Bars & Cycle...
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