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  1. MicB

    Continental Conti Sport Contact 5 Tyres

    I get circa 25k out of a set of Conti SP5s on my SL......same size 17" on each corner so I am able to rotate every 3500 miles which adds about 25% to the life of a set of tyres (my experience). I do take the tyres down towards 1.6mm; certainly below 3.0mm. Tyres are sensitive to the car's...
  2. MicB

    Best spray detailers

    Unlikely that any one is undisputedly the BEST.......I have warmed to and am using CODE products for waxing and detail spraying. Mic
  3. MicB

    SL advice needed .... (please)

    Thanks for the mention In my experience the R230 is the perfect Grand Tourer........aesthetically i prefer the pre '08 facelift but that is personal. These cars have had a "bad press" but in truth they are very reliable and there are no issues that cannot be pre-empted cheaply.......get to know...
  4. MicB

    New car detailing in Oxfordshire?

    I have twice used Krystal Kleen to good effect. Marc Lineker 07932 402424 01869 350601......Weston on the Green There is also Home - Vehicle paint protection specialists in Bicester, Oxfordshire on the Bicester Heritage site but I have no direct knowledge of their work.......look to be a...
  5. MicB

    R230 SL350 The road to 200k miles

    I used MB Oxford for longer than I should have.......I started using Star eight years ago.......very satisfied........the car is all the better for it and I have found a friend in Ian. Obviously MrsB's SLK is also maintained by Star. A slow 30 miles journey to Caversham for me but well worth the...
  6. MicB

    R230 SL350 The road to 200k miles

    Good R230 (SL500) will complete its first 150k miles before the end of next month. Brilliant daily driver and Grand Tourer. I have had the car from new (18 September 2003). Mine is maintained mechanically by Star Motor Service of Caversham. I keep meticulous records which are...
  7. MicB


    Sorry to learn of this Derek.......MrsB and I will be thinking of both you and Bette. Mic
  8. MicB

    Formula One 2018 - General Thread

    You might find Adrian Newey's recent book will not make the wings any more aesthetically pleasing to your eye but it does give a real insight into the challenges and complexities of making a car slide through the air with minimum resistance whilst having to work within...
  9. MicB

    M4 Mobile Speed Cameras??

    I was crossing the A34 travelling between Islip and Blechingdon recently and was curious to see someone on the bridge over the A34 with a camera on a tripod. Once close enough it was clear that the "someone" was a Police Officer and the camera was a speed camera aimed at the A34 traffic...
  10. MicB

    SL350 or SL500 opinions please

    I am not offering an opinion because I have neither owned nor driven a 350 although I do not understand why anyone would not want a V8. We have both my SL500 and MrsB's SLK320.......the M112 in the SLK is brilliant but the M113 in the SL is better. I have owned my R230 from new (18.09.2003) so...
  11. MicB

    Mercedes Me

    I have been "invited" to have a Mercedes Me adapter fitted to my pre Mme my expense of course. Too much big brother for my liking and I do not see anything that might be beneficial to my enjoyment of the cars. Mic
  12. MicB

    W124 500TE - Lets do this!

    After the "production" of a motor car that is a "one off" not just in appearance but including structural changes to the original what "hoops have to be jumped though" to get the car road legal? I am thinking of DVLA and insurers. You may have some credibility and experience with both DVLA and...
  13. MicB

    W124 500TE - Lets do this!

    I have only just stumbled across this Thread......brilliant......I am in awe. Whatever you do not calculate the final cost including your own Man hours.......scary. Mic
  14. MicB

    detailer recommendation?

    You could try Krystal Kleen; little south of your preferred area. Marc Lineker, 07932 402424, 01869 350601 Mic
  15. MicB

    SL prices.

    I, too, am not convinced that the market price of R230s has not "bottomed out". There will always be those that prefer the R129 and those that prefer the R230. The R230 has gained a bad press on Forum because of the few that have had expensive problems. Bad press gets repeated by the uninformed...
  16. MicB

    Drivers fined for speed trap "warning"

    We have a WhatsApp group to for the alerting of camera vans. Mic
  17. MicB

    6week ban

    Roads will be a safer place for a few weeks at least!!!***??? Mic
  18. MicB

    SL55 Slight Vibration

    Could it be a gear the box mounting? Extract from my diary: 19 December 2013 (93670 miles) The car was driving as if it was always being driven on a corrugated surface. Replace gear box mount. Star Motor Service Mic
  19. MicB

    Benz on The Green 2017

    Just to add my thanks to all those involved in making the day happen and of course all those who attended making the making of the event worthwhile. Great social event with some wonderful motor cars as the excuse. Thanks again to one and all. Mic
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