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    W204 Rear Light Burnout

    So after fitting the new rear bulb mounts it turns out you do need to use the original brown earth as the canbus needs an earth signal. I tried with a seperate earth wire but had no rear lights. I did crimp and then solder the connections to ensure the best connection possible so hopefully that...
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    W204 Rear Light Burnout

    Thanks for that. I'll look at it at the weekend and let you know how it goes.
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    W204 Rear Light Burnout

    After thinking i had cured my rear light problem last weekend prooved otherwise so I have purchased the rear bulb mount, plug and terminals for both sides from Ebay (MB Grimsby). I know its the brown earth wire that burns out. My questions are... What causes the problem in the first place as i...
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Fixed the rear light earth wire burning out issue on my W204 (both sides) and discovered the tail light and brake light use the same single filament bulb. I guess its a lower voltage on the lights then the full 12v for the brake light. Either that or i have a bigger problem :oops:😆
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    Even more new jokes...

    Is that the old swap shop number???
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    C Class regen

    I've been using Tesco fuel and not had a problem with it. Used it in the Citroen before and that did 230,000 miles before i scrapped it (it was totally worn out but engine still strong)and no problem with that either. BUT i do understand the use of decent fuel as i can feel a slight difference...
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    C Class regen

    Thanks for the replies. I'd never felt it before with the Merc but i guess that was because of the mileage i did before the lockdown.
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    C Class regen

    Morning all, Just a question about the regen process on my C220 W204. Pulled up into the car park this morning and noticed vapour coming off the wet rear window. The rear window heater wasn't switched on by me and switch light wasn't on either. The car felt as as though it was missing a beat...
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    New owner in Aylesbury

    So from October to the end of December i went to Hamburg another 5 times. All i can say is absolutely nothing to report. Car just ran as sweet as a nut and just eats up the miles. I love this car!
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    W204 2010 and spotify on android ?

    Car 12V Module Adapter bluetooth Wireless Radio Stereo Aux USB 3.5MM Jack Plug | eBay Here's the one i bought for my 59 plate C220. Also bought a usb power plug as i have a 12v socket next to the Aux in the glove compartment. Works very well. I download radio shows on the BBC sounds app onto...
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    211 air con condenser advice please

    I've bought several condensors from this place. 2 VW and 1 Mercedes and they are fine. Obviously not OEM but good quality. Car Air Con Condensers | Air Con Compressors | Auto Air Con Parts
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    W221 S320 CDI Engine vibration won't rev

    Sounds like you are as lucky as I am when something goes wrong. 1 step forward and 2 steps back!! :wallbash: if its one bank of cylinders not working then perhaps you disturbed an electrical connection when doing the pump?? Sorry i can't help any more than that. I'm fairly new to Mercedes myself...
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    W221 S320 CDI Engine vibration won't rev

    Just a guess, seeing as you have just sorted a fuel leak and it was, i assume, OK before, but it sounds like you may have air in the fuel system. Not sure if Mercedes self bleed or if you need to do it manually. My previous Citroen had a hand operated pump near the filter to pump fuel through...
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    An Informative Read ...

    On my previous Citroen the auto wipers would turn the headlights on if it wiped 5 times in 30secs. My C class does roughly the same.
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    Wheeler Dealers

    I used to work on bus HVAC including engine cooling systems (we were a manufacturer and OEM supplier) and the majority of leaks we had to go to on warranty due to "radiator leaking" turned out to be where someone had tried to tighten the jubilee clip with a screwdriver, slipped off and gone...
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    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    When did that MOT law change? Not doubting you, just wondering..
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    Wheeler Dealers

    AARRGGHHH not another one!:wallbash:
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    Wheeler Dealers

    i like wheeler dealers and Ed China (but not to keen on Mike) BUT i find it very annoying when he uses a screwdriver to do up jubilee clips. Use a 7mm socket and do it up properly!!
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    Car Mats

    I bought my mats from this place. I bought them to protect/replace the original AMG mats. Reason being these were £30 and to replace the original MB AMG mats was approx £150 so yes mats to protect expensive mats!! Made to measure car mats for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon Automatic...
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    Hi there

    Welcome to the site. Just had a look at your website (i hope its yours going by the name!. If not then :fail:) and all i can say is there are some beautiful vehicles on there.
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