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    SLK230 Spares or Repair

    1999 Mercedes SLK 230K 143,000 miles Full Service History, Last 9 years with Waterhouse, Braintree Runs fine but needs work for an MOT Very rusty nearside wheel arches Cracked exhaust section with the 2 cats in Front tyres worn to canvas on inner edges MOT expires end of February 700 miles...
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    WaterHouse Braintree

    Just like to remind people of their excellent service and rates. They've recently found and repaired a very odd fault on the wife's SLK, the overal service we recieved and bill was very, very good. Very experinced with ALL mercedes and extremely helpfull. I'd strongly recommend them based on my...
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    Question - Removing Battery

    When removing the battery on a 1999 SLK 230K - other than needing the radio code is there anything else required? For example, some Fords need the red master key. Also, will it clear the fault codes in the ecu? Thanks
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    M11 - A120 Junction Speed Trap

    Got caught yesterday doing 70+mph in a 50mph :doh: O.K. - I was speeding, therefore it's my fault ............ but what a place for a speed trap! For anyone who knows the area, I was heading north up the M11 and taking the direct feed onto the A120 East bound. The feed over the M11 junction...
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    Chinese in central London

    Desperate need to impress the Mrs, so booked a decent (hopefully) hotel in central London but with so many Chinese restaurants to choose from in the China Town area and Soho, etc, does anyone have any recommendations? Would prefer walking - strolling distance from Leicester square. Any help...
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    Car width including mirrors

    Could someone provide me with the car widths including mirrors for the following models (2002 registration) as our garage door is rather narrow. E320 - E500 CLK 420 - 500 And as a reserve, C32AMG, if a good one should come up for sale
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    1999 SLK - Possible to update with facelift side skirt?

    Having recently bought a 1999 SLK, is it easy to make it match the facelift version, post 2000?? To fully paint the front/rear bumpers and loose the black bottom is straight forward but what about the sills. Are the facelift sills just painted or are they in fact a bolt on side skirt, if it's...
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