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    R230 SL...advanced Central Locking Infrared query

    Ok so I have a 2003 SL350 which has a problem that is not uncommon, ie central locking only works if you place the key right next to the infrared sensor on the drivers door. If you step back 1 metre it wont work. So far the following has been done. 1) New infrared sensor replaced in drivers...
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    R230 SL 2005, Drivers Electric Window Partially works

    Quick question to see if anybody has had this problem I've got a 2005 SL350 and the drivers window wont go down when I press the switch. However, the window Auto Up function works correctly, ie when you open the door, the window drops a couple of mm's and jumps back up again when you close the...
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    2003 CLK 240 Auomatic Gearbox querie...part No's...right gearbox?

    Hi I've got a duff gearbox in a CLK and I'm looking to get a 2nd hand one, but I'm getting confused with Part Numbers and making sure I get the right one. So my first question and it could be a dumb one.....with a manual box you obviously get different gear ratio's in a manual gearbox in order...
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    W203 C55 many sold in the UK

    Does anybody know how many W203 C55 AMG's were sold in the UK? Secondly could you buy a C55 in any of the colours standard to other W203's or were they limited to certain colours? Many thanks
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    R129 SL Handbooks wanted

    Hi i'm looking for a set of handbooks for a 1998 R129 SL......anyone got a set kicking about?
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    Turbo Technics Twin Turbo

    Just a quickie for any of you who have a Twin Turbo. I've got an original Turbo Technics Document Wallet + Handbooks that came with the Twin Turbo conversions back in the 90's. I'm happy to sell it. Its in excellent condition and could be a nice edition to add to your Car's History Let me...
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    What model will these fit?

    Quick question for you guys. A relative has asked me to sell a set of old Skool Fondmetal Alloy Wheels for him. I've got a feeling that they may have been on his W123 for a short time, but also have a feeling that they may also fit W126/C126 models. Any thoughts...fitment size is 7J x 16 ET 21.5
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    SMART Indi Recommendations wanted

    Ok its not a Mercedes, but I need a good SMART Indi in and around Berks/Surrey/Oxon. I've got a Brabus SMART Roadster that needs some attention and I'm struggling to find an Indi who specialises in SMARTS in my neck of the woods. Any recommendations? Many thanks
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    R129 SL Owners Handbooks Required

    Does anybody have an Owners Handbook for a R129 SL....preferably facelift onwards. Happy with just a Handbook or if you have it, the complete Document Wallet/Handooks etc
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    Thoughts....value on a W126 560 with 2,700 miles

    Ok, I've been asked by a client to sell their 1991 W126 560 which has done a genuine 2,700 miles from new Why such a low mileage?....well it was a special build by Hooper who turned it into a limo, so it has a slight stretch and its also bullet proof, with very thick laminated glass to stop...
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    R107 SL Front Offside Wing wanted

    Hi I'm looking for a good used front offside/drivers wing for a R107 SL. These can rot badly in the headlight bowl, so if you have one that's rusty in this area, its not for me. Looking to buy immediately, so look forward hearing from anyone who can help. Vlad
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    Spotted...Ferrari 250 GT SWB

    Spotted coming out of Reading on the A4 towards Twyford was this Ferrari 250 GT SWB with the Reg No FX9 After a bit of googling, it turns out to have been owned by the Downton Engineering who to anyone familiar with Mini Coopers, Downton were the premier tuners of Mini Coopers back in the...
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    Comand Disc for 2003 Wanted

    Hi I need a Comand Sat Nav disc to run on a 2003 car...anyone got one? Cheers Vlad
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    OK, own up...who used to own this C63

    Down at Blackbushe today and spotted (could hardly miss it!) this 58 Reg C63, which had been wrapped in a blue chrome effect, which had the unfortunate effect of making it look like a Christmas Bauble. Anybody want to fess up to their old car?:p
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    Hearing worrying things on the 250 diesel engine

    Was thinking of buying a E250, but having spoken to somebody who works at MB dealership, I'm not so sure now. He had some very damning things to say of them and advised me to stay clear. 1) Sump is plastic and he's had to replace a number of sumps on customers cars where other garages have...
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    G-Wagen...I want to turbo my G300D

    I've got a 1988 G300 diesel. Does anybody know of any companies out there that might be able to slap a turbo on this engine at a half sensible price. Or alternatively can I fit a later OM606 diesel and will it mate upto the 5 Speed manual gearbox in the G-Wagen? Or any other thoughts on...
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    W202 C200 Autobox fluid loss

    Hi Odd one this. I have a 1995 C200 Auto and the gearbox is losing fluid, but I cant understand where. The underside is dry and the pipes from the gearbox to the radiator are also dry, so where is the fluid going. Any thoughts?
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    My BIG road trip

    Currently day 6 and now sitting over looking the sea on the Black Sea coast in Turkey in the little town of Amasra Day one....UK down to a little town on the German/Austrian Border called Bergen 700ish miles Day day in Bergen, Southern Germany (beautiful) Day Three....Southern...
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    Turbo Actuator Rod issue

    Hi I have a 2004 Vito ( new style Vito) which has been throwing up an engine management light. Vehicle has only done 72,000 miles. Its been on STAR and apparently the actuator rod in the turbo is only moving 50% and therefore the turbo is only boosting at 50%. Apparently I'm going to...
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    Check out the mileage!!

    Last week I took in a PX....a 2005 "55" Reg Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI Estate with 610,000 miles on the clock. Owned virtually from new by its Taxi driving owner, the car is still on its original engine and still runs and drives. The condition of it is amazing when you bear in mind the...
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