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  1. Giantvanman

    Shame the horse didn't sidestep really.

    Windsor Triathlon event, June. "One cyclist will receive a lifetime ban from all Human Race events, a second (who did come forward after the incident) will receive a 12-month ban from all of our events. The rider, posting on Facebook as Jennifer Katherine, shared hat camera footage of a number...
  2. Giantvanman

    What are they and where can I buy them?

    I've used all sorts of permutations of:- Locking leg stays, table leg stays, lid stays, and many, many more different to no avail. There are some suitable for jewellery boxes and the like and some for pasting tables that are far too long but nothing heavy duty enough for my needs. The first...
  3. Giantvanman

    Would anyone care to guess how much....

    ..... the cost of a new diesel engine for a 2015 A220 from Mercedes is? Closest wins a virtual pint. And a whisky chaser for nearest to the total cost for supply and fit at a main dealer. Long story short, my son had some very bad luck when a metal disc (like a pulley) came off the back of a...
  4. Giantvanman

    Car security

    Perhaps it is time to switch off keyless go (if it is an option) or begin using Faraday bags of some description. West Midlands Police
  5. Giantvanman

    Anyone on here?

    I spotted this picture of a CL600 on FB. The explanation was that the author's friend was unhappy with the performance of the CL600 so did this.....
  6. Giantvanman

    What model would you like to see reborn?

    Following on from Land Rover's decision to (successfully) start a factory restoration business for the Series One Land Rover Series I Reborn - Own a Heritage Vehicle - Land Rover UK and now the Range Rover Classic...
  7. Giantvanman

    Someone's making M-B the target of a joke

    Has something gone on in the US or is it simply a comedy sketch? Worth watching for the bit towards the end.
  8. Giantvanman

    Karma or revenge is sweet?

    You decide....
  9. Giantvanman

    My eyes, my eyes!

    Make sure your mouth is empty when you view this... MERCEDES G WAGON G55 AMG A.R.T WALD HAMANN BRABUS MANSORY STYLE WIDE G65 LHD | eBay
  10. Giantvanman

    Anyone need a bridge?

    Ebay comedian strikes again (some of the comments are quite humorous) too. Former M20 Motorway Bridge - for spare or repair | eBay
  11. Giantvanman

    Another excellent comedian using Ebay

    Truly Hateful Porsche 944 2.5, 8v, Illuminati Owned | eBay
  12. Giantvanman

    No way is that MB going to win!

    This is going to end in tears.
  13. Giantvanman

    Drive shaft velocity explained.

    I found this clip and found it interesting. gmV4qwLfOMY
  14. Giantvanman

    Winter driving

    We've seen the lazy and the selfish who clear their windows of snow but leave the upper surfaces piled high. This is a salutary lesson why leaving lots of space between you and that person who does the bare minimum is a good thing. Don't know if this has been posted before...
  15. Giantvanman

    A safety film from 1934

    Watch for the newspaper headline a few seconds in…how many deaths?? 6PTrY5O6dig
  16. Giantvanman

    Jaguar's simulator prank

  17. Giantvanman

    Earls Court Motor Show 1966

    I found this interesting. Not sure if it's been posted before. 3ZgHQ3XILQY
  18. Giantvanman

    Range Rover - decision made!

    Following on from this thread a big thank you to all who participated making it enjoyable and informative. Without further ado, the decision was confirmed this morning and on the eighteenth, we will...
  19. Giantvanman

    Paper Bridge Publicity 'Stunt"

    No glue, no nails, only paper. KksImg6rCtk
  20. Giantvanman

    A Facebook draw giving away two Audi R8s

    This appears to be genuine so thought I'd share.
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