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  1. nigel cross

    W164 Wont start

    I have an issue with my Ml350 2009 Go to start it doesnt even try and turn over , and the glow plug warming light doesnt come on. try 3 or 4 times then it suppenly starts ok. I have had a new battery, and last service had a new ignition switch. Now the command thinks its not for this car. Any...
  2. nigel cross

    W164 ml power tailgate

    Just started not working either to open or close. tried it on key or handle unlocks and closes tight but no upward or downward poured motion, had to open and close it manually. Any ideas?
  3. nigel cross

    AMG wheel colour

    My W164 AMG wheels want a touch up, on the inside, but I have noticed that while the outside is a brilliant silver , the inside looks like a grey colour. Any idea what the inside paint is called?
  4. nigel cross

    ML 350 W164 steering lock

    No longer works any ideas? lucky i can still use the car as steering not locked in
  5. nigel cross

    2009 ML 350 steering lock

    The steering lock no longer works, car starts and drives ok. Any ideas?
  6. nigel cross

    ML AMG Wheels

    Does anyone know the colour of the inside of the AMG wheels for a ML? Its a sort of grey whilst the front face of the wheel is silver, seems strange why its a different colour These are the ones.
  7. nigel cross

    Rear parking sensors

    Rear parking sensors have packed up on my ML. Whilst in for its service I asks the main dealer to check it out. They said that 3 of the sensors had problems. I find this hard to believe as on minute it was ok then the next if failed. Any ideas?
  8. nigel cross

    Solar Charger

    Thinking of buying one of those, but have found that the cigar lighter socket is not active unless the keys are operated. I have seen that there ones that connect via the EOBD port, has anyone got one that works that way? and does it actually work?
  9. nigel cross

    ML W164 ET size 60 and 48

    My ML has an AMG body kit along with21" AMG wheels. Having a good look at them they are both 21"but 2 have ab ET of 48 and 2 have an ET of 60. Should the 60's be at the rear or the front?
  10. nigel cross

    ML AMG wheel repair

    Does anyone know a wheel repairer in Surrey or south west London.? One of my rear wheel has a crack on the lip about an inch long and makes the wheel flat after about 2 hours. When repaired would I need a tube fitted?
  11. nigel cross

    Mercedes ML W164 rear parking sensors

    Any idea how you remove these?
  12. nigel cross

    ML W164 sticky trottle pedal

    Anyone come across this? Intermittent fault where the tick over goes up to 1200 rpm and you have to pull up the pedal to make it go back to 700rpm. Had the main dealer check it out and they found no fault, they reset the fly by wire connection, but still the same.
  13. nigel cross

    New Mac software

    If you are going to upgrade your Mac to the new Yosemite software, make sure you have a time machine backup. I upgraded my iMac last night and it killed it, so had to restore via a time machine backup which took 5 hours. Good news is, that it worked ok, so beware
  14. nigel cross

    Audi S4

    Sold the wives 200 compressor and this is her new toy. Wow is all I can say.
  15. nigel cross

    W203 200 Kompressor

    2001, with approx. 97,000 miles taxed till next march MOT till december 2014 quick sale wanted as new car coming silver with black leather interior, air con with new condenser new alarm siren Full service history last 4 years with Ollie at PCS. Tyres all under 1000 miles old Contis sport...
  16. nigel cross

    New Style A Class

    Think of buying a new style A class, Any one got one and what do you think of it? Also any recommendations?
  17. nigel cross

    Sticky throttle pedalon ML

    On the ML the throttle pedal has started to get sticky, i.e. the tick over is to high. Simple cure stick you toe under pedal and lift it up, not ideal. Should I lubricate the pivot ? got to be careful as I can see the fly by wire cables, which must be avoided. Any ideas?
  18. nigel cross

    W203 front discs

    Need to change my front discs, which is the best choice original discs or Oem parts from Eurocar parts?
  19. nigel cross

    ML W164 Roof Bars

    After a pair of original aerodynamic roof bars to fit a 2009 ML
  20. nigel cross

    W203 Interior Lamp

    Does any one know how to remove the large interior light cluster by the interior mirror? Do you just lever it off or is there a knack?
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