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    What gearbox oil

    hi , I have a 1973 W114 280e with a manual gearbox , the gear change has been very notchy still I’ve owned it , today I changed the oil using ATF which many many people recommend but when emptying the old oil it was red just like the ATF I was putting in. Can anyone tell me what oil mercedes...
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    Looking for

    Hi, My son is looking for a Viano 3.5 V6 in black , or the older 3.7 , if anyone knows of one for sale , Thanks
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    Leaded or unleaded

    Hi, Old topic I'm sure but need confirmation , I have a 1973 W114 280e , just spoken to a previous owner that said he used lead additive , yet there are so many contrasting views out there . I was told that all post war mercedes engines had hardened valve seats so do not require any additive...
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    Hi, Does anyone know where I could get a repair kit for the clutch cylinder on the above car , it's a 1973 model . MB say they no longer supply the kit but can supply a new cylinder for around £80. Ta Donald
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    Wee Saturday trip

    Enjoyable drive yesterday .
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    Hi , I'm off tomorrow to view a 1972 Mercedes W114 280e , had all relevant questions answered and loads of photos and all looks good , going to be a long day starting with a short drive , then train journey then flight then short drive but will be worth it if all goes well , overnight stay and...
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    Looking for a nice 123 Coupe

    Hi, Sold my 300sl today and now looking for a nice 123 Coupe , would love one soon with the possibility of using it for a European tour in the summer
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    Future of diesel

    Hi All, We currently have a 2008 C200 sport with 80k miles , there are no issues with the car and we both like it very much but now with 3 grandsons and all the stuff they need when coming to stay we think it's time for an estate . We feel that the way things are going we should definitely be...
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    1992 Mercedes 300sl for sale ,p/x or swap

    Lovely well looked after car with 155k genuine miles , beautiful condition inside and out . MOT till March 2018 passed with no advisories. Soft and hard tops in excellent condition. Amazing service history with 22 stamps in the book,original sales invoice and a fold full of receipts and old...
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    123 seats

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a 1982 Mercedes 123 , I love them but just wondering how comfortable they are on a long journey , the one I'm thinking about has a very very 'springy' seat , I'm hoping someone on here has driven or owned one and can shed some light on my question . Cheers
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    Oil switch fault

    Hi, I have a 1992 300sl , engine sounds as sweet as ever , no oil or water loss , but occasionally when driving the oil pressure gauge drops completely and the red light comes on , if I ease off the accelerator the gauge rises again to where it should be , it could then drive all day without it...
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    Mercedes,300sl,£5000 or swap/p/x, Scotland

    Lovely car with FSH , 155k miles , mot till March 2017, etc etc phone or email for more details , sell , swap or p/x, would prefer a 123 coupe but anything considered, Thanks Donald
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    R129 electric seat control

    Hi , I have a 1992 300sl , the passenger seat has stopped working ,mi can still move the base back and forward but not the back of the seat or headrest. I can see that power comes into the switch for the base and I'm assuming it should then travel to the other switches , can this be repaired ...
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    Auto Gearbox

    Hi, is there any chance the auto box in a 1992 190d would be the same as the auto box in a 1992 300sl ?? It's just that I have the oils and filter for the 190d box but now own a 300sl and would be great of filter and oils could be used. While I'm on the auto change on my 1992 300sl is poor ...
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    What brake pads and discs

    Hi, Recently bought a 2008 C200 auto sport, the front alloys get covered in black dust/particles within a day or so , I've never seen so much dust before in such a short time , washing the alloys soon cleans them up but I don't fancy having to do this every second day, I notice the front discs...
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    Is my Merc chipped ??

    Hi All , Just bought a 2008 Merc C200 auto sport , having drove the C220 I feel this C200 is much quicker or more responsive , I've read that the C200 is the same engine as the C220 but it's been detuned , how can I check if my C200 has been re-chipped Cheers Donald
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    New cars

    Hi All, Bought a very nice 300sl and a 220 c class , hoping these cars will last us a long time and we can have some nice trips in them
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    Is buying a R129 a good idea

    Hi All, As a huge Merc fan and lover of their build quality and reliability , I have a 1992 190d with 176k miles and waiting to collect a 2009 C220 , I have sort of agreed to trade the 190d in for a 1992 300sl with 154k miles and FSH. The 300sl looks great with almost no rust( probably...
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    Merc wanted

    Hi, I was hoping to view members cars for sale as I am considering buying something, either a 190 Cosworth or any old classic merc, Problem is I am told I cannot access that part of the forum as I have not posted enough, is this a good idea ? When I am looking for a classic I like to buy...
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    Best Merc Diesel for MPG

    Hi, I am thinking about getting an older Merc diesel to use to work , can anyone tell me what Merc gives the best MPG , dont include the A series, thanks, my wife has a new CLC 220 cdi sport and we get around 45 mpg with that. Thanks Donald.
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