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  1. Timster

    Bye for now ........

    Hi Folks. Long time member, occasional contributor. Sold my S211 at the weekend. Currently MB less - the fleet is now a Dacia Logan MPV + Renault Zoe - car's bought with the bank in mind, not the heart. Was sad to see the S211 being driven off, knowing it'll be a while until I'm back in a...
  2. Timster

    Nokia 6310i For sale

    No longer needed - fully working Nokia 6310i handset. £45 Offers.
  3. Timster

    Visseo MBU 1000 - For sale

    No longer needed as I'm selling my car. Fully working visseo mbu 1000. £80 - open to offers.
  4. Timster

    S211 / W211 Front Cup Holder - Great Condition

    Hi. I'm selling my S211 so no longer need the cup holder. It's the one that goes in the insert in front of the armrest. Pops up when opened. OEM part. £40 ONO Cheers. Tim.
  5. Timster

    Selling My S211 E320 CDI

    For Sale: Our 2004 Mercedes Benz E320 CDI £2650 Open to Offers Located in Svottish Borders. TD2 postcode Link to gumtree ad for pics: 5 Seat Estate Car...
  6. Timster

    MBClub Courier Service - Aberdeen to Edinburgh

    Hi Folks. If anyone is driving from Aberdeen to Edinburgh in the near future with space for a kiteborad (150cm length) and a kite (Normal rucksac size) I'd be very interested to hear from you! Beer tokens of course are at the ready! Cheers. Tim.
  7. Timster

    Dacia Logan MPV

    Hi folks. So I'm seriously considering getting rid of the merc and getting one of these instead!! My wife refuses to drive the merc as it's too big, too fast and too fancy! I commute in a wee Renault Zoe so we need something else. Requirements have to be an estate (Dogs / Buggies etc.)...
  8. Timster

    Testing the water - Any interest in my S211 320CDI?

    Hi Folks. Well, since buying the Zoe for my commute, my wife has had the Merc and she doesn't like it. It's too, big, too fast, too many gadgets .......... I'm considering getting rid as I never get to drive it, and probably buying her a wee Dacia! Crazy I know, but there's no point in...
  9. Timster

    Audi A1 1.2 tfsi. 2011 on 61 plate, 18000 miles

    Hi. Audi A1 1.2 TFSI petrol 3 door, white. 1 previous owner. Bought from Audi - ex demonstrator model that had cosmetic damage to front end so was Cat C write off. Professionally repaired prior to first sale. 18,000 miles trouble free. MOT until December 2016 2 Keys Tilt / Rake...
  10. Timster

    iPhone 5s 16gb - Used / Boxed / As new £ 180

    Hi Folks. £180 - or offers. Was persuaded to upgrade for some reason so I have my iPhone 5s for sale. It's the 16gb slate grey model. 18 months old, but always kept in a heavy duty Otterbox defender case so appearance is as new. Fully working. Boxed, complete with all parts / charger / plug...
  11. Timster

    S 203 Alloys - Free if you want them!

    Hi Folks. I have 4 alloy wheels from my old S203 C Class that had winter tyres on them. I've swapped the winter tyres onto my S211 but have the rims still sitting there. Not in perfect condition but would be just perfect for your winter tyres / to use whiile getting others refurbished...
  12. Timster

    Will these Wheels / Tyres Fit?

    Hi Folks. Car in question - 2003 S211 E320 Cdi Avantgarde Currently wearing regular tyres: 225 / 65 / R16 In the attic I have 4 winter tyres sized 205 / 98 / R 16 on some alloys left over from last winter when I had them on my wife (now gone) C220. Is there any reason i can't...
  13. Timster

    Solar Panels - Your thoughts

    Hi Folks. I'm considering installing solar panels on the roof. If i do this it'll be in the next couple of weeks to take advantage of the current feed in tarriff. System I'm considering: 16 panel, 4kw system, battery ready with Solax inverted. Plan is to buy batteries for storage as and...
  14. Timster

    S211 - Making rear 12 Socket permanent live

    Hi. I know you can switch fuse 54 under the bonnet to make the front 12v socket permanantly live, but is there a way of making the boot socket permanantly live? CHeers! Tim.
  15. Timster

    Towbar Wiring - S211 - Help please!

    Hi. I fitted a towbar this weekend, but am having trouble with the electrics. I'm trying to do it via a bypass relay, but getting no signal through to the socket however I try. Through reading I'm led to believe it's possible, but beginning to doubt it - can anyone shed any light on whether...
  16. Timster

    WIS instructions - Removal of rear bumper S211 (2003)

    Hi Folks. I've searched all over adn got many different How To's for the removal of the rear bumper on my S211 E320CDI 2003 estate, but would love a copy of the WIS instruction / diagram. Can anyone help with this? I'm fitting a towbar at the weekend! Cheers. Tim.
  17. Timster

    Another "Zoe" on the mbclub fleet!

    Hi! After reasonably extensive research and test driving and a lot of maths I've just ordered a Renault Zoe. I know, from the very helpful threads on this forum, that I'm not the only one here with one. It's going to be the second car for the family and I'll mainly use it for my 50 mile...
  18. Timster

    Bluetooth aux in solution for cars wothout aux in!

    Hi. Cars a 2003 S211 320cdi. Audio 20 system with no aux in. A cheap and cheerful solution for playing music from my iPhone is a Bluetooth fm transmitter. Been using it for a week now and very pleased with the usability and quality. Albeit I'm in a rural area so not much closer...
  19. Timster

    Some encouragement for those having a bad day...

  20. Timster

    Practical Classic - 2CV. Re-living my youth

    Well, I'm not getting any younger and my thoughts keep drifting back towards my old 2CV Dolly 1981 model - EMA 374X. I want another one to satisfy that urge but they seem to be commanding quite a premium these days! Anyone know of one kicking about looking for a new home? This itch needs to...
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