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  1. lisa110rry

    Driving along in my automobile, my baby beside at me the wheel?

    Thank you DSM, I am grateful. I'll have a look tomorrow.
  2. lisa110rry

    This year's first drive in little greenie...

    Well, today being a lovely day, I set off to take the little greenie out for a drive. Before fuelling up, I added Fuel Doctor, then filled up with premium unleaded and off up the A59 and the A6 all the way to Milnethorpe, thence along through Windermere to go over one of the Lake District...
  3. lisa110rry

    My Challenge to Meghan Markle.

    Hmmm... I'm not sure about this. I did google it and the very first thing on the list was this: Sexual Desire and Relationship Duration in Young Men and Women ... At 61 and 10/12ths I'm not sure I want to go there.
  4. lisa110rry

    My Challenge to Meghan Markle.

    I am now going to have to google "Young Murry Women"...
  5. lisa110rry

    FAO: Dog Owners

    This horrible disease has, thankfully, not been reported (yet) in our area. However, I still check my dog regularly for lesions because it's practically impossible to keep her away from mud.
  6. lisa110rry

    Driving along in my automobile, my baby beside at me the wheel?! Can someone please tell me how I can find out when my tyres were manufactured? What with running two cars for the past five years, turn and turn about, I'd like to check when the little Green Meanie's tyres were made.
  7. lisa110rry

    Chocolate Eggs

    Ah, but in the canine world, it's all okay. You can buy an "Easter Egg" for a dog (made of carob of course). Would that be because dogs can't read and thus can't be offended?
  8. lisa110rry

    My Challenge to Meghan Markle.

    Well, WDB, most of my "half step out" experiences were amusing, like the time I got lost and arrived back at my (now) sister-in-law's place exclaiming "a policeman gave me a ride" - to much amusement! I spent quite a long time training myself to say Good Morning instead of Hi! - then after ten...
  9. lisa110rry

    National Dog Mania Liverpool Exhibition Centre 31 March - 1 April

    I know there are a number of dog owners and dog lovers on this forum. Today, I've been to Liverpool for a pre-Dog Mania meeting as I'm volunteering to help out on the days. The great thing about this is you can take your dog! Exhibitors include Burns Pet Nutrition, The Liverpool Vets (who are...
  10. lisa110rry

    My Challenge to Meghan Markle.

    Um, I'm an American, born and bred, came here in 1977 at 21, married a wonderful British chap in December 1977 (there is more to this than I'm saying, but not needed here), 40th anniversary in December 2017. I would say to Meghan Markle, very gently, "pipe down for a bit, learn where you are"...
  11. lisa110rry

    MiDAS - Minibus Driver Awareness training (I surprised myself)

    Thank you Milton and thank you tanuie. I am looking forward to it. Just in the middle of the DBS check. I've had so many of these and always pass them (of course). But I always struggle with the address check. I've been married for 40 years and lived in the same house for 31, so all...
  12. lisa110rry


    Done. I am an occasional visitor "fair weather driver of the little Merc", but am moved by the man's thread, which I only saw two days ago.
  13. lisa110rry

    My 17 year old daughter, Solo night, James Arthur - Naked ,Proud dad

    She is very brave. I would never speak (let alone sing) in public. Well done her!
  14. lisa110rry

    MiDAS - Minibus Driver Awareness training (I surprised myself)

    Looking forward to it! I've asked to start out on small trips in daylight and work up. edit: My main problem is I'm two feet off the ground when getting out of the driver's seat! I need a step like there is on the passenger door!
  15. lisa110rry

    Selling my long-owned and much-loved Honda

    Thank you Abs. Going to get the little darling out next week for a thorough clean and change her number plate to my cherished one. Then I'll tax her on 1st April.
  16. lisa110rry

    MiDAS - Minibus Driver Awareness training (I surprised myself)

    I did something interesting today. I had MiDAS training to drive a minibus for our Community Gateway Minibus as a community volunteer. I thought I would struggle, but in fact in some ways I was better than the two men who were training. Both of them felt the brakes were "spongy" and the...
  17. lisa110rry

    Selling my long-owned and much-loved Honda

    Strong believer in karma, me. 99% of people are really nice to me, I find. I really wanted that car to be perfect for them, as much as a 16 year old car can be, anyway. The mechanic actually said "after all these years, why today?"
  18. lisa110rry

    How your car is perceived?

    I think people perceive my car exactly as I do! A tiny, pretty little thing that calls for a dog in an Yves Saint Laurent headscarf in the passenger seat next to "a lady of a certain age" in matching scarf and a pair of sunglasses... ;)
  19. lisa110rry

    Disabled parking bays

    First of all, Derek, your comment made me laugh! And secondly, french's comment is all too true. My husband can go to our small Tesco store, put his car in a disabled bay and show his badge. He's good for about 15-20 minutes in the shop hanging on to the trolley and can get the bags in the...
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