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    Car hesitation pressing accelerator

    Hi All Car is a W168 A Class. The Coolant light came on and was Yellow. It then went out. After driving for over an hour, suddenly the car started hesitating. Pressing on the accelerator it was very jerky reaction. Almost bunny hopping. I used a cheap code reader. Code is P0355. Crankshaft...
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    Mobile Mechanic - North London?

    Hi All Years ago I used Andy at PCD. He was great is he still around? I can't find contact details. Other than him, is there anyone else who might be recommended? The A Class W168 is still just about going and I want a well priced service from someone nearby who knows what they are doing...
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    W168 - Steering play and wheel off alignment

    Hi All Hoping you might have a few thoughts on this. The A210 Evo is still going but it's becoming less driveable. The steering feels loose. Feels like there's too much play. Hitting a bump at motorway speed seems to upset the car too much. Also, the alignment has gone well out a couple...
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    A Class W168 Manual - won't go in gear on start up, restarting fixes problem?

    Hi We've been having this problem for a while. Car is a W168 MANUAL A Class. On start up sometimes the car won't go in to any gear. Foot on and off clutch makes no difference. Strangely...turning the car off and restarting it and suddenly the car is going in to gear! It then works...
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    W168 A Class poor reception

    Hi, Long time since I've been here! I see a number of old faces around, which is always good to see. The reception on my W168 is very poor. I think it is because the aerial amplifier is not working. I am not sure but think this could be due to there not being any power going to the radio...
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    W168 A Class will not start - any ideas?

    Hi Hope everyone is well. Would really appreciate some thoughts and advice. Last year for almost two weeks the car would not start. I changed the battery. Left the battery disconnected in a hope to clear the fault. It still wouldn't start. We then had it towed to an Indie. It started...
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    Auto Electrician in Surrey (preferably mobile)

    Hi, A Class W168 2003 Petrol Manual A210 has starting problems. The battery is fully charged I have disconnected the battery overnight and it solved nothing. Put the key in, all seems normal, but when you do the final turn of the key to start the car it does nothing. No clicks...
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    Bi-fold doors - any experiences/recommendations?

    Hi All, Hope everyone is good. Does anyone have Bi-Fold Doors? If so I'd really appreciate some recommendations / warnings. Thanks R
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    A Class won't start - Starter Motor / Fuse / Electrics? Help please!

    Hi Guys, Hoping for a bit of help. I've not been around very much, having moved on from my CLK, however I still have the A210 and unfortunately it won't start! I used it a fair amount a couple of weeks ago. It was running fine. After not using it for 2 weeks I went to start it today and it...
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    Recommendations for Andy's Auto Barn?

    Hi All, I've seen a few recommendations for Tony Fowkes with pictures on the forum. I've also seen Andy's Auto Barn mentioned a few times, mainly by Howard and Nick Mercedes, but not seen any examples of his work. Would appreciate if anyone has used Andy's Auto Barn if they could recommend...
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    PCB/Circuit board repairs in London?

    Hi, I have an item that needs repairing, a little microswitch has died and I am in the process of getting a replacement microswitch. I need someone very good at doing fiddly soldering to remove the old one and solder the ner one on. Does anyone know of somewhere that I could take the items...
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    CLK W208 - costs to paint rear quarter?

    Hi, Just wondering how much it would cost for a good body shop to paint a rear quarter of the CLK in a metallic colour (not silver though!) getting the flaking right etc. There's not much damage it just needs re-doing. Cheers R
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    Help with Fire Regs building a Loft Extension

    Hi Guys We are in the process of designing a loft extension and one isse that is causing us a headache is the need to have a "protected exit". Our ground floor is open plan. We have been advised that we would need to put in a wall on the ground floor that seperated the stairs fromn the rest...
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    1999 CLK 230k (Facelift) £1,950

    Please see details here: 1999 MERCEDES CLK230 AVANTGARDE KOMP A SILVER | eBay Any questions, please ask via eBay. Cheers, R
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    M4 Westbound Travel on a weekday evening?

    Hi All, Hope everyone is good! I'll be driving out of central London and my options are either A40 to A406 (the A40 is usally a complete nightmare as it is one lane). OR, I was thinking of taking a detour on the M4 out to the M25. The M25 is slow is but usually about 40mph -...
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    Repair tear and re-colour worn seats? Recommendations?

    Hi, I've got one tear in a door leather lined panel, the seats require repainting to bring back up to standard, there arfe also a couple of scuffs that could do with a light touch-up (leather fill + paint). Does anyone have any recommendations for a quality company to do this? Quality +...
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    Decent Garage needed near Staines, Feltham or Sunbury

    Hi, Guys need to get something sorted this morning. Anyone recommend a decent garage near Staines, Feltham or Sunbury? Thanks, Ross
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    Best route North London to Sunbury

    Hi All Hope you all had a good long weekend I'll be going from N8 in London to Sunbury tomorrow (and the next few days), leaving at about 6:30-7:00. I was wondering if anyone knows a good route, taking into account morning traffic. I was thinking A406 to A40 to M40 to M25 J16 to M25...
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    Help - Jump starting A Class from W208 CLK?

    Hi All, This question has been round the houses a bit, having done a search and read up. Other half's 2003 A Class' battery has gone dead. I have a 1999 CLK W208. Is there any potential issue jump starting her car from mine? Also, when jump starting - it's positive to positive and...
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    What convertible Super GT/Sports car £18-25k

    Hi I've started threads like this before, each time creeping closer to reality. I'll be looking to buy either before or after summer. I'm after a sports car/super GT that I can keep for 18 months and after selling always be happy that I owned one. The ultimate car would be a Ferrari but...
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