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    Forthcoming C-class - headliner choices (and seat backs)

    Looking at the configurator on the MBUK site, if you choose the Macchiato coloured interior on the forthcoming C-class you get a black headliner and when you try to choose the light colour headliner in the no-cost options you are changed back to the black leather seats, which I don't want. I do...
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    Replacing 2016 E-class 220D... any thoughts?

    Hi I have a current model E220D, purchased at the start of the model in March 2016. I am considering buying the same car, face-lift version, but wonder about the following. Any thoughts from experts or even just enthusiasts on these forums would be welcome. I tend to keep my cars for 5-6 years...
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    E-Class -COMAND not working properly after windscreen replaced

    I don't know if anyone can shed any light on this problem with W213 widescreen COMAND. Windscreen had a crack and was replaced by MB main Dealer (at cost of nearly £700). After this, the COMAND is not fully working - after entering a destination the time does not count down as you drive to the...
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    W213 - six months on... mixed feelings

    I have a new shape E-class 220D and have to say it is the best car I have driven in terms or drive dynamics, fuel consumption and driving pleasure, and I am not really much of a driver. Previous cars were the two previous E-class models. But... the secondary controls are nothing short of...
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    Adblue warning question

    E-class with ad blue tank and filler cap in the boot (not the latest model, but the one before). Can it be topped up by the driver and if so does the warning light go off automatically or does this need to be reset by the dealer? Thanks as always EnEm
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    New E-Class - radio redeption is awful

    I have a new E, 220D standard car with comand. Radio reception is terrible listening only to BBC Radio 4. Autotune does not seem to pick up the published wavelength. Specific problem when returning to the car, on starting up the radio reception is diabilocal - compleletly unusable. Even when...
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    comand freezes and then reboots

    Has anyone seen a problem where the widescreen Comand in a new e-class saloon (W213) freezes up? This is the centre screen, not the widescreen cockpit (so far). Driven less than 100 miles in new car (ex-demonstrator) and while in motion the comand locked up. Navigation was frozen, phone call in...
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    New e-class with widescreen cockpit?

    Does anyone have any experience of this widescreen cockpit option in the latest e-class. I love the idea of it. Not asking about the wonders of it, but the downsides (if any)? Is it reliable? Responsive? sluggish? Bug free? Rock solid? My worry is if the underlying software is not up to the...
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    Going through the change of car process - always a bitter-sweet experience

    Hi Long term Mercedes owner but not very techncial so a lot of the posts on here are way over my head. Have visited here a few times over the years, mostly when I change cars, which is where I am right now. It is always an enjoyable experience but also quite fraught! Moving from two year old E...
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