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    SLK230 Spares or Repair

    Due to be collected Saturday
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    SLK230 Spares or Repair

    1999 Mercedes SLK 230K 143,000 miles Full Service History, Last 9 years with Waterhouse, Braintree Runs fine but needs work for an MOT Very rusty nearside wheel arches Cracked exhaust section with the 2 cats in Front tyres worn to canvas on inner edges MOT expires end of February 700 miles...
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    Indies in Essex/Suffolk?

    I can't rate Waterhouse in Braintree high enough. Top service and great price, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Waterhouse 01376 329200 Chapel Hill, Braintree CM7 3QU
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    W208 CLK230 Kompressor (1998) lazy at mornings

    I think it maybe slightly over fueling to heat the cat up. After a minute or two it should be gone. Youĺl soon get use to it.
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    W208 CLK230 Kompressor (1998) lazy at mornings

    I think the ignition timing is advanced slightly as well while the cars warming up, so it sometimes sounds noiser, like the exhaust is blowing slightly
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    Battery connected to wrong terminals

    Because we all make the occassional silly mistake, most manufactures design in measures to protect the car from us! so hopefully it won't be too serious. When you try and start the car the ecu checks a number of things first such as the cars in park, key fob security, etc You'll really need to...
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    WaterHouse Braintree

    Just like to remind people of their excellent service and rates. They've recently found and repaired a very odd fault on the wife's SLK, the overal service we recieved and bill was very, very good. Very experinced with ALL mercedes and extremely helpfull. I'd strongly recommend them based on my...
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    Question - Removing Battery

    When removing the battery on a 1999 SLK 230K - other than needing the radio code is there anything else required? For example, some Fords need the red master key. Also, will it clear the fault codes in the ecu? Thanks
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    W210 E36 - 1 Owner since new

    "Family" owned since new....
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    Nice W208 V8

    I think this may have been on ebay about 6months ago??
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    M11 - A120 Junction Speed Trap

    Got caught yesterday doing 70+mph in a 50mph :doh: O.K. - I was speeding, therefore it's my fault ............ but what a place for a speed trap! For anyone who knows the area, I was heading north up the M11 and taking the direct feed onto the A120 East bound. The feed over the M11 junction...
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    S600 - Zoiks!

    Note 100% feed back for past 12 months but check out feedback on the ebay account. Always worth arranging a visit on something like this, probably a good deal but get the confidence from having a look first.
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    Chinese in central London

    We stayed at Radisson Hampshire right on Leicester square, quite expensive but very good. After a couple of drinks around Covent Garden and Piccadilly we headed off in search of a chinese, checking out those we'd been recommended. Although the reviews of Yauatcha were good, we decided to see...
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    Chinese in central London

    Thanks for all the recommendations and comments above. The plan is to arrive mid afternoon and take a wander round. Sticking to central London and looking at various reviews online, Fung Shing in Lisle Street, Gerrards Corner, Haozhan, all look like they'll suit our tastes. But we never know...
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    Chinese in central London

    Desperate need to impress the Mrs, so booked a decent (hopefully) hotel in central London but with so many Chinese restaurants to choose from in the China Town area and Soho, etc, does anyone have any recommendations? Would prefer walking - strolling distance from Leicester square. Any help...
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    "Bulb failed" light illuminating when no bulbs are out, S124

    I had a similar problem, luckly mine was an easy fix, I just took out the bulbs and cleaned up the points of electrical contact. Worth gently tapping the lights to see if any flicker due to a poor contact. I found that the warning light would stay on even if the bulb worked after a while...
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    ml 500 unlocking repeatedly

    quite common on ML's from what I hear, new lock part which is quite expensive, worth doing some research first to find the exact cause.
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    My CLK in on eBay now...

    A good advert like yours always help with sale. Good luck
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    Modified car insurance?

    As above, Admiral, just click on all the mods you've got. My previous car had several mods but it made very little difference with Admiral insurance. I am older, so that obviously helps. Really worth it in the event of an accident and it's obvious (body kit - wheels) that the cars not standard.
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    k&n air filters

    No problem with mine but no difference in performance. If you go for a K&N, remind anyone doing servicing in the future not to change them!
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