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  1. E CLASS

    e36 for £1350.00.....

    Mercedes E36 AMG For Sale (1997) on Car And Classic UK How much is the service....
  2. E CLASS

    wheeler dealers now - g wagen

    What are they going to do.....
  3. E CLASS

    Thoughts on this please...e class estate

    Sargents of Sussex : MERCEDES-BENZ E280 V6 AVANTGARDE 7 SEAT AUTO ESTATE yes the usual rust...but what else.thanks everybody.
  4. E CLASS

    Totally free CAP car valuations!

    Go on scare yourself....
  5. E CLASS

    Metal Detector - suggestions needed

    My son suggested a while back that he'd like one. He's 3 but is as tall as many 4 / 5 year olds! Has anyone any experince of a good one that might be suitable. Its going to be a Christmas present. I'll bury stuff in the garden and he'll have fun finding it and digging it out! Plus we'll...
  6. E CLASS

    Stone Roses reform for a....

    ....huge cash generating world tour.
  7. E CLASS

    Multi-car insurance advice please.

    Currently use Admiral. They have sent rhough renewal and its £45 more for no reason! Will argue it down with them but any recommendations on other co's for multicar out there?
  8. E CLASS

    The must have present this Christmas!

    Top Gear: BBC forced to scrap Jeremy Clarkson satnav deal - Telegraph Will surely be collectable now that its production has been banned. Only a limited supply so get in quick - I think its only Halfrauds that has them.
  9. E CLASS

    Disgusted and Outraged.

    Have just seen Sky News website and seen these horrific PR pics of Cheryl Cole pretending to be a soldier. A few pics shown here more on Sky News. Yes supporting our boys…..but the stage managed c**p posing with weapons, looking all dusty and sweaty after a 'patrol' is just sickening. Is...
  10. E CLASS

    E430 - 200K - mad to buy?

    Would I be insane entertaining this idea? Estate A/garde 2 owners £1k'ish The box must be thinking of giving up soon - or perhaps that it hasn't mean it'll go forever.... Thoughts?
  11. E CLASS

    A little dissapointed - missed a car.

    Missed a £2k "W" E430 Estate at the weekend. 2 owner vehicle that had been meticilously maintained. Am I mad wanting one? I know of one other locally that I might 'cold call'. Rust is the big killer obviously but are they ok otherwise??
  12. E CLASS


    Anyone had any experience of one of these of circa 2003 vintage. Many thanks all.
  13. E CLASS

    Somalia / kenya

    A truly horrific situation for the family of the bereaved and the wife who has gone missing. However would you seriously choose a holiday resort that boasts: "6 armed police officers and 22 armed guards patrolling" If that does not send warning signals - what does??? I think you ned to...
  14. E CLASS

    Football Policing

    I'm sure I'm not the only one thats twigged this but don't you just love the delicious irony over football policing. Football games cannot go ahead without the police there to nanny the supporters and keep them at bay from each other. These are the very same people who've been condoning the...
  15. E CLASS

    Facebook and Twitter - shutdown?

    Should they be shutdown until Friday? It may help quell the violence...and means of comms.
  16. E CLASS

    Shane Warne...what happened??

    Gone from 'mans man' to the other errr 'mans man' if you know what I mean... What's dribbling down his chin too?? Who cares if he's banging Liz - he's certainly sacraficed himself!!
  17. E CLASS

    Err you're living in Britain...

    Muslim teenagers convicted after spraying burkas onto scantily-clad Lynx models | Mail Online Any ideas on what might happen if you put up a billboard that's accepted here, in certain other countries??! If you live in the UK then accept how we live. Not too much to ask.
  18. E CLASS

    Abuse of pigs in abbatoir

    Every one of the workers identified should be sacked by the company if Defra can't be bothered / able. Video Exclusive: Footage Shows Staff At UK Abattoir Punching Pigs And Burning Them With Cigarettes | UK News | Sky News If a human was being abused and it was caught on covert filming it...
  19. E CLASS

    Madeline McCann

    Girl being held with Belgian family in India. Undergoing DNA test.
  20. E CLASS

    Quick wooden decking question

    Used Ronseal deck oil on the deck last night. (After a thorough cleaning and dry out) Thing is I did one coat last night. Can I apply another tonight or should I have applied the second immediately afterwards?? Thanks in advance!
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