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    Ghost Courtesy Door Lights - Your Take?

    Hi All, I think I may not do this, as a little poncy, but they are fairly cheap and very easy to fit. Install pics and video here: 2X Mercedes Benz W215 R300 R350 R500 R320 R400 W164 ML500 ML320 ML350 ML400 X164 GL Class LED car door projector Logo light...
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    W164 ntg2.5 - ml350 - eq

    Hi Guys, Yes a quick question - in sound settings, is there only really Bass, Treble and Fade? Quite disappointing that there isn't more of a GFX EQ or a way to adjust mids - loud, but not great sound. Any hidden menu's or sound profiles I can access instead if there isn't? Thanks
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    Leather Cleaning Kits - Sand/Canvas Colour Leather

    Hi All, After a decent cleaning kit and some on Amazon seem hit and miss or lighten and dye the colour of the seat! I have a dark beige/sand/canvas colour in my ML and after a gentle cleaner and protector, but do not want it to bleach or change the colour. Has any members found a decent...
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    Mercedes HFP Bluetooth MODULE B6 7800 000

    Hi, I am after a Mercedes HFP Bluetooth MODULE B6 7800 000 bluetooth module that is in good, working condition and preferably with the instructions and packaging. Am after the latest B6 7800 000 model, not the earlier gen 1 or 2 please. Thank You
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    ML320 - Bluetooth / Cradle

    Hi All, Trying to get the correct adapter for ML320 CDI (2006). It looks like to me I need the MBU-3000, but can someone confirm, as articles indicate it should look like the curly cable Nokia cradle, but there is aso MB MFI and SAP one and I am getting confused. There is a guide...
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    Map Updates for ML320 and ML350 (W164) Advice Needed Please

    Hello Everyone, I need some help before I contact MB, so that I know I am asking the right thing :-) I have recently purchased an 2010 ML350 and a family member already has a 2006 ML320. I think the map updates are about £150 from MB, but I cannot find the command model on one of them...
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