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    Bromley Star Diagnostic Needed!

    My r129 SL500 is playing up (gearbox related) and I desperately need a diagnostic on a Star machine. Would take it to my usual mechanic but he's 40 miles away and it currently won't shift out of first gear when driving. Can anyone recommend an independent (reputable) who can pull off any fault...
  2. J

    Brabus Monoblock V's for Sale

    Brabus I have a set of Brabus monoblock V's for sale. 18x8.5J ET35 112mm PCD Two with tyres, two bare rims. Unwanted purchase. Would benefit from refurbishment. Collect only from Bromley. Price £350 Call / Txt Message 07535 172 567
  3. J

    R129 SL500 Surge & stall when slowing to halt in heavy traffic

    Dear all I wonder if you can help. My R129 SL500 has a recurring problem. After a long drive and having been in heavy traffic, it will surge then nearly stall when slowing to a stop. Appears to be when the gearbox down changes from 2nd to 1st (it's a 98 car with 5-sp electronically controlled...
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    Mobil One Turbo Diesel engine oil

    Hi I'm having a garage clear out and have spare mobil one turbo diesel engine oil for sale - its 0-40W. No longer needed having sold my E320CDi estate. I have an unopened 5 litre bottle, and two part filled 5 litres (with two / three litres remaining) also a pretty full 1 litre top up as...
  5. J

    Head Units Compatible with R129 Becker (under rear seat) Amplifier

    Dear all I'm a newbie SL500 r129 1998 owner and have quick question. My car has the becker mercedes branded 'Special' Radio Cassette with boot mounted CD multi changer linked thru to the Becker Mid / Woofer Amp under the rear seats. Are there any other head units available which are more...
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    R129 Newbie Questions...

    Dear all Just picked my 1998 SL500 which is lovely. However a few (related?) faults appeared on the journey home... any ideas? 1. Climate was working well but I pressed the 'EC' button and now it won't go back to normal Air Conditioned air. Mechanic checked the system pressure and all is good...
  7. J

    17" Mercedes Rucha Alloys for W211 (Pics)

    I have a set of four 17" Mercedes Rucha alloys in Silver with tyres - they are in good condition but, with some kerbing, scratches and corrosion so will benefit from refurbishment to make them 100%. They do not appear buckled or have any major flaws. I have the last picture of these wheels...
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    17" Mercedes Rucha Alloys for W211

    Dear all I have a set of four 17" Mercedes Rucha alloys in Silver with tyres - they are in good condition but, with some scratches / corrosion will benefit from refurbishment to make them 100%. Part number A211 401 47 02 Front alloy wheel details are tyre size 225/45 R17 (8J x 17H2)...
  9. J

    Scabby Wagon - What to do?!

    Much as I love our E320 CDI estate for all its virtues (space, pace, comfort etc...) I'm in two minds what to do with it. Mechanically it's in fine fettle and only 96k miles. However the tin worm is making its presence felt around the edges and usual places. Also some of the interior finishes...
  10. J

    Carbon Wrap for S210.....

    Just running thru an idea.. Very much liking our s210 320 CDi - great mechanically at 96k miles and fits the bill. A later s211 with simmilar engine / miles is going to cost a lot more if looking to replace.. The car fits the bill for what it does very well and have not real need to replace it...
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    W210 Windscreen washer fluid disappearing!

    My s210 320 cdi's windscreen washer bottle is emptying itself. Fill it up with screen wash and a couple of days later it is bone dry. A bit of a pain. Any thing obvious to check? Cheers JK
  12. J

    AMG 3 (III) alloys on w210

    Hi Does anyone have a picture of a w210 or s210 with AMG III (3) five spoke alloys fitted? I just want to see how they look. They should be the 17s fronts 7.5 and rear 8.5 wide. Please post if you can Many thanks JK
  13. J

    Prestige Autos SE London - Opinons?

    Hi My S210 still has problems with the front windows and mirror adjustment.. Am considering using Prestige Autos in SE London, does anyone have and opinions on them? Advice much appreciated Cheers JK
  14. J

    S210 DCMs and swap out

    Hi I posted on this already and got no bites.. I need to replace both front Door Control Modules for my facelift S210 320 cdi. Just wanted to check before trying to locate some 2nd hand units.. Am I right in understanding that the only difference in the DCMs is pre and post facelift units...
  15. J

    Part number for S210 DCM

    Dear all I wonder if you can help, i need to find out the part number of the front passenger (NS) DCM for my S210 chassis number is WDB210 226 B203 088 Longer term is there any system i can get hold of which can source this info? I've seen parts catalogue dvd / cds on ebay are these just...
  16. J

    Anyone know these wheels?

    Hi all Does anyone know these wheels? Are they merc or aftermarket? And 17s or 18s? Look bloody nice for summer, could keep 16s for winter..... Your help much appreciated! Cheers JK
  17. J

    MB Tex??

    Hi all, Can anyone let me have a data card on my new w210? WDB2102262B203088 Want to work out if its got MB Tex! Thanks in advance :-) JK
  18. J

    Alloy wheels for S201 320 Cdi

    Hi All Could anyone advise if these 8 hole alloys will fit on a 2000 S210 320 cdi? It currently has 16s but want a set for winter tyres etc. Part number is 210 401 0302 6.5j x 15 ET37 Any info on recommend tyre size also would be great! Thanks in anticipation JK
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    Stolen Tonight W124 300TE K430YOC South East London

    Dear members Some sad news tonight, our W124 300TE has been stolen from outside our home. The car was street parked on Honor Oak Park London SE23 3LB The theft has been reported to the police, the car was alarmed but without tracker.. I hear rumours that these are stolen to order or...
  20. J

    W124 door and tailgate seals

    Hi all I'm a newbie w124 owner (93 300TE), the door and tailgate seals are not in great condition.. and are begining to fray.. I have a smart roadster so am quite good at keeping seals in good nick, namely silicon spray etc.. But wonder if these seals are: 1. Very expensive 2. A nightmare to...
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