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    Mobile Alloy Repairs - West Midlands

    Any recommendations for any mobile alloy repair businesses based in the West Midlands?
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    Help - Photos attached

    The Mrs crashed her car into the bin on the drive and cracked the plastic case on the passenger side front headlight. The actual light itself is fine, so I tried to find just the replacement plastic case to fit, went to Mercedes direct, ordered the part thinking it was correct and when I went to...
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    GLA Front Headlight Case

    The Mrs crashed into our bin on the drive and cracked the headlight cover passenger side, the headlight itself is fine but needs the plastic case replacing. Is it possible to get just the plastic case and not the full headlamp? I have called Mercedes Parts team and ordered what I thought was the...
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    C43 Gone - E300 Amg Line Coupe In - Charger problem

    Regrettably the C43 is no more (sold) but took delivery on Thursday of my new car which is an E300 Coupe Amg Line Premium. Great looking car takes a bit of getting used to the power difference! I have the inbuilt wireless smart phone charger but it keeps making my phone go on to Apple Pay - is...
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    Are there any options?

    Ending my PCP on my C43 and due to work location change I have gone over the mileage by about 11k (yes I know) As I can see it I have a couple of options available: 1) Pay the excess mileage costs and hand the car back into BCA 2) Sell the car The problem with option 2 is that the best...
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    Would you sell to this guy....

    Some strange ones on autotrader...He won a football accumulator and sent me the slip...
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    Tyre Skipping

    Not sure if I missed this, but was this ever resolved for the C43's with tyre skipping issues? I was at Mercedes the weekend speaking to the Sales Manager and he was under the impression this is fixed via a warranty claim?
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    Selling :(

    Selling my 2016 C43, the contract lease is up and rather than hand it to Mercedes I have opted to sell. Apart from the obvious (autotrader and forum) where other platforms are the best? Those webuyanycars offers are £2000+ away from real valuation and would leave me with a short fall. It's a...
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    Mercedes-Benz C Class C43 4Matic Premium 2dr Auto 3.0 - £34k

    Selling my 2016 C43 4matic AMG. Immaculate condition, 27k milage, Polar White. Selling as it's the end of my PCP with Mercedes Premium Package, Panoramic Electric Sunroof, AMG Exhaust, Leather interior with red contrast sticthing and seatbelts, AMG Night Package, 19inch upgraded Twin Spoke AMG...
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    Freedom Contracts

    Has anyone actually ever used or bought from Freedom Contracts before? The deals are the best I have found out there, and just wondered if anyone has broken away from a Merc dealership and used them?
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    Mercedes PCP Deals - What Happened?!

    Had my C43 for two years I felt I had a pretty decent deal as I bought it when the model was just launched and had quite a few extras added as well. £3.5k deposit and £570 a month. I contacted Mercedes Finance to extend the agreement and they have quoted me £670 a month?? I have then asked...
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    Higher tax

    Was looking at c63s as my next car but I saw the road tax is £1760 a year, can anyone confirm this?
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    Rattle noise

    I have noticed recently when accelerating I am hearing a metal rattling noise coming it seems the front or side of car, I cant exactly work it out. Any ideas? My car is a C43 (2017)
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    Air Bag Deployment - Recall

    Did anyone else get a letter in regards to a safety recall for the airbag deployment? I am sure this is the second safety recall I have had on this car
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    Dunlops - Difference?

    I am in the process of replacing my front tyres (for some reason the fronts have worn quicker than the rears) I want Dunlops but does anyone know the difference between Sport Maxx RT2 and SP Sport Maxx GT and SP Sport Maxx ?? The only difference I can see is the price!
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    Mercedes VIP event

    How much discount are you looking at (if any) at one of these events?
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    Alloy Wheel and Tyre Protection - - Insurance from MB

    When I picked up my c43 from MB they said they have thrown in Alloy Wheel and Tyre Protection policy. Has anyone else had this? I am able to have 6 repairs done to my alloys and 4 new tyres (does not cover wear and tear). I need 4 new tires but its only covered if my tyres pop or they are...
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    Louis Roederer Cristal

    Hi, Couple bottles for sale, all in presentation box. 2006 bottle.
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    My C43 AMG

    As there seems to be so much love for the C43 :rolleyes: I thought I would finally post a couple pictures of mine. Yes I need to go on some form of photography course!
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    Mercedes help yourself to my money why don't you....

    Unauthorised payment taken by Mercedes Garage Just checking my statements and Mercedes Benz have taken out a payment for £245 - called Mercedes Finance and apparently Wolverhampton Mercedes have just put me down for a service plan without my permission! This happened to anyone else?
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