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  1. dronnieboy

    C215 CL500 possible PSE pump failure?

    Afternoon all, I have a CL500 as above, and the central locking, soft close etc has stopped working. I have pulled fuse 62, and left overnight. The locking worked for 5 mins and then stopped again. You can hear the pump over running in the boot, so not sure what it means? I’ve only just got...
  2. dronnieboy

    C Class Coupe

    Hello all, My mate is looking for a c class coupe so said I would ask on here. Needs to be around 02 plate, doesn't really mind petrol or diesel but would prefer blue or black. Let me know if anyone is looking to shift one! Thanks
  3. dronnieboy

    Looks like a bargain.....

  4. dronnieboy

    My C43

    1998 MERCEDES C43 AMG AUTO SILVER | eBay Hi all, this is SPX's old C43. Have to sell due to needing an estate but its the same as when Lee sold it to me with extra tax and 2 new front tyres. Up for a swap too!!
  5. dronnieboy

    Think I may take a punt on this.....

    1986 MERCEDES 420 SEC AUTO WHITE | eBay S it all looks OK to me.....What do I really need to be looking for when viewing this. I've had old cars and 123s before, but realise these are slightly more complicated....Is there anything that if I see I should walk away from straight away? I'm...
  6. dronnieboy

    E55 - Rascal Interior!!

    1998 MERCEDES E55 AMG SILVER E 55 V8 SILVER | eBay Not sure if i love it or hate it!!
  7. dronnieboy

    Nice old barge!

    1992 MERCEDES 300 SE AUTO | eBay Would you take a punt with no history, if so how much do you reckon its worth?
  8. dronnieboy

    Ropey 320 Coupe?

    Mercedes-Benz E320 Auto 1995 w124 (N) with Factory AMG Bodykit | eBay Casually tagged 'catc' on the end.
  9. dronnieboy

    White 420 SEC

    1986 MERCEDES 420 SEC AUTO WHITE | eBay Looks like a good price....? Miami-Vice-Me-Up!!!
  10. dronnieboy

    Looks very clean and a good price?
  11. dronnieboy

    220ce - Red Devil

    mercedes 124 ce coupe | eBay Looks pretty clean, what do we think about the colour?
  12. dronnieboy

    500 SEL - Thoughts??

    Mercedes 560 SEL with private plate 199TU not SE/SEC | eBay This looks lovely, what do you think guys and how much is it worth?
  13. dronnieboy

    Evening All, please help!

    Hi everyone. Not currently an MB owner but really want to get in touch with somebody selling on here. However I can't reply to an ad or pm the guy as I am a newbie. How can I get in touch with him? Thanks
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