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    19" AMG IV staggered two piece alloys for E55 and others.

    Just going to offer these wheels here, before they go on Ebay at end of the week. Fronts 8.5J ET30 Part no. 2114001212 Rears 9.5J ET31 Part no. 2114001402 Made in Germany. These wheels came off my 06 W211 E55, probably 3 or 4 years back, and been in store from then on. I belive there are...
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    athletics Poland today

    Not to sure who of the petrol heads here watch athletics, but did anyone see the last event of the Polish athletics event today where the UK team where basically disqualified due to their team sheet listing a discus thrower for one leg of the A team 4x 400m relay, deary me! what a blunder:(...
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    82mm throttle body

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone here has a working OEM 82mm throttle body, part no. 273 141 03 25, they would be prepared to lend me so as I can test my existing TB currently fitted, (have a code being thrown, all a well posted issue with this fitment), wanting to see if my currently fitted...
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    Ginger ultra low milage E55

    I was trying to respond and comment to Gingers rare ultra low mileage E55 car in the for sale column, the forum let's me 'like' his for sale post, but would not let me correspond, apparently I have 'insufficient privileges'. Really...whats that about..? Best of luck with the sale Ginger, I...
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    Any Fire alarm installers here

    Not a motoring question, but if there is a Fire alarm installer here, be good to hear their comments. I have an L1 installation, 130 heads, which includes 2 loft voids 1200mm x 800mm, currently fitted with optical smoke detectors, 1 to each void, both are gathering dust and triggering the system...
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    Cheltenham NH racing this week

    As heading, I as always have this week off to watch and gamble away the families fortune this week at Cheltenham, my 55 is excluded from such potential debt collectors! Anyone else watching?? Normally I would be Ok at the festival betting wise, win a little, lose a little, however this year...
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    anyone got a SLC43

    My wifes slk55 is potentially going, and am looking at the SLC43, has anyone got one here, and more so if you have the AMG ride option, wondering what you make of the car generally, and if fitted, how is the AMG ride option, is it worth having??
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    W211 E55K brake calipers

    Has anyone a set of W211 E55AMG Brake callipers, prefered in a good condition, but will consider a set due reconditioning, subject to price. Am already studying the ebay for such items, so just asking in case someone here has a decent set stored away some where, and not using them.;)
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    Spa fourchamps BWK failure M113K

    Hi All, just today returned from Spa track day, awesome track, ran the route down, the day it self and a fast return trip though Belgium and France to the tunnel with 13 0f us, 8 of them forum members here, bringing a few exotic cars, on the return leg, suddenly lost power to my E55 approaching...
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    tier one warranty R172 55 7.3K miles

    Hi, had my wife announce to me this afternoon, that should we deem to keep the car from its ending lease in June, the MB tier one warranty is £2,100, jeez, does anyone here know if this is correct..? are there any other choices to be had, my prime worry would be the roof going wrong.:( Thx
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    Not referring here to the demise of the Watford branch of EC, which is a massive sorry story on it's own, but has anyone here know any updates on Eurocharged as a whole. i have had a comment on them via mail last week, and a conversation on them today, regards their status, but not sure what to...
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    M113K performance air filters

    my apologies if this is in the wrong department, but could I ask to who has what performance air filters fitted to their modified M113K 55 engined cars. I currently have piper cross which for me out seeded K&N, but have had ongoing issues with the seal and the filter splitting, so looking to...
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    Harwoods Goodwood day

    Further to my previous 'Opentrack' post, given it seems only the 4 of us listed here are going to that event, all these bubbling great 63 cars here within this forum, and only 4 of us going, it really does make me wonder what you big engined car guys are doing with your cars, probably overtaking...
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    'Opentrack' trackday at Goodwood 17/9/16

    Hi, just a heads up here, already sent this out to the hard core few I have contact with, that track their cars. 'Opentrack' have a Goodwood day on Saturday 17th September, I know 3 no. here booked, inc myself, possibly another 2 no. may book, should anyone else here be interested to this day...
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    C63 back boxes

    Quick story, I had brand new rear C63 back boxes fitted to my W211 55 by EMP yesterday, with my already modified exhaust, (Kleemann headers, 3 inch bespoke pipe work, 100 cell race cats to boxes, nothing else), crux of it is, its got a great aggressive sound under load, but its far too loud for...
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    Where are the old Bluewater guys

    Not meaning to thread on toes here, but I see another Bluewater meet being raised here, do have a great evening there guys. It just lead my to thinking where the old guard of the old Bluewater meets are these days, Rashman, Alps, Alx, Lopes 80, Simon M, Mika, Simon 1966, C240sport, Marty365...
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    Cheltenham HH Festival

    Just to ask if anyone else here religiously follows this event, it's forth coming shortly, and in the world of horseracing it's a major premier event. My own feeling here is that the Irish will have a superior team over the UK based stables, this said whilst I have no great tips for the 4...
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    50 year old wine bottle opened with a feather

    I was in a restaurant yesterday, a party at one table, apparently they ordered a 50 year old bottle of wine, I was amazed how they open this bottle. I might add this was not my own table, but it was great entertainment, opened it with a feather, any one else seen this before?? there is more...
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    gauging a goodwood trackday interest

    Hi, having organised this type of event within this forum a couple of times previously, and promised my wife I would never do it again, here I am throwing this out there again:o (been a while) There is a hard core group of 12 guys I stay in contact within this forum who are brilliantly a yes or...
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    office clear out

    just clearing out my office area today that has become a night mare store room of parts today, I have for sale the following. 1 no. nearside brand new C63AMG exhaust tail box, last part of the OEM exhaust with the chrome AMG tips. £240 collection only, Brought for my E55, as ongoing...
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