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    faulty cruise/dead battery

    the car is a c200 1997 uk spec with 5 speed automatic gearbox-79,000 miles i have a problem with the cruise control not working this was happening on an intermittent basis whereby it would work sometimes and not at other times. i suspected a dying battery-as the one in the car was the...
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    merc part number needed

    the car is a 1997 c200. what is the part no. for an original merc waterpump for this car?
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    mercedes waterpump=c200-febi part no 05377

    anyone know where i could get a waterpump for my c200-febi part no-05377?
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    need new waterpump for c200-1997

    does anyone have a new one for sale? also pollen filter if so,mail me. sunil
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    new merc repair and diagnostic centre in hanwell,west london.

    anyone tried MercsOnly in Hanwell,West London? read about it on a leaflet from the local shops. the prices look good. £49 plus parts plus vat for a small service , £99 plus parts plus vat for major service.
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    waterpump for c200(1997)

    i intend to replace mine as it is noisy. has anyone used a waterpump from gsf carparts or euroarparts ?? any comments welcome. the local merc dealer wants 120 plus vat-they will refund 20 pounds if i give in my old waterpump gsf ones are 41 plus vat. eurocarparts ones are 43 plus...
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    which diff oil-?190e-1993

    i am planning a diff oil change on my car-it has done 113 k miles. need to know what spec oil is required. stealership was unhelpful to say the least! has anyone tried the ep 80w/90 spec oil made by morris lubricants from gsf carparts? also would a 75w/90 spec semisynthetic from...
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    rodent in the boot of the c200!1

    :eek: :eek: to my horror, i discovered a shredded crisps bag and chewing gum wrapper in the the boot of my car. my initial thoughts were that it may have been a spider as these often live behind the electric outside mirrors and spin their webs overnight to trap their prey. but then i...
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    190e-repair manual on cd

    are these any good? do they cover the ukmodels of 1.8litre and 2 litre? has anyone previously bought one from ebay motors-any feedback on the usefulness or otherwise of the cd would be appreciated. thanks
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    engine steam cleaning

    i plan to steam clean the engine and its compartment on the 190e. are any precautions necessary? any sensitive electrics need to be avoideor covered during cleaning? mabe some experts will shed some light but all replies welcome. <img...
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    workshop manual wanted

    <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'> LOOKING FOR THIS MANUAL BY MERCEDES BENZ(NOT HAYNES) FOR 190+190E-W201. DOES ANYONE have one for sale?
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    the spark plugs made by bosch-no-H7dco or H7dc -are these both compatible for my engine? <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>
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    done 108k miles,regularly serviced by myself/reliable mechanic friend -it runs hot in traffic,needle climbs to 120 degree mark(top white mark just below the red mark on the temp gauge),but never boils over,and needle returns to the centre after electro-magnetic fan cuts in. .My car has three...
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