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    16v LSD in a 190D

    1986 - 190D 2.5: 201.126 602.911 or is it WDB201 126 2F3 550 67... Ch
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    16v LSD in a 190D

    Hi there, I'm told the 16-valve 190E (2.6?) has a limited slip diff. Would anyone know if this would be the same dimensions and ratio as one on a 2.5D? I.e, could I swap 2.6 with my current diff to have a LSD. Somehow I think not, but it's worth asking. thanks Chris S
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    190 bits for sale

    I've got a 190E starter motor - 35 quid, plus front and rear lights 25 and 10 quid each. Can arrange pix on request Chris S (would like a spare 2.5D starter) _________________ An old 190 for the Sahara
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    Raising a 190

    190 190
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