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    Need help with identifying C63 AMG

    I've seen all the C63s for sale and 99% of them look and feel dodgy. There is a 2010 model in Calcite White which looked rather genuine but poorly specced COMAND, bluetooth, sunroof, memory seats .... so it's a no go. Somewhere along the way, I stumbled across this little gem ..... I...
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    Need help with identifying C63 AMG

    Any way in getting the service record with the chassis no.? If I know which MB dealer it originally came from, will try to get some info from them. Cheers
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    Need help with identifying C63 AMG

    Another thing, the service indicator read 'service in 999,999 miles' ! :crazy: How did it happen? ........ salesman was just ... blurred :confused:
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    Need help with identifying C63 AMG

    Ah .... thanks for the reply! Most helpful! :thumb: Yup, I'm fully aware of the ownership and running cost; hence, I waited 3 years for the opportunity; but unfortunately, there's no way out of it unless you buy a Proton! Road tax for a 6.2L is RM 16,500 ( 3500 quid) a year ...... but fuel is...
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    Need help with identifying C63 AMG

    Hello folks, it has been a long time. Relocated to Malaysia in 2010 and its time to get back into fast Merc. I've always loved a C63. 95% of AMGs in Malaysia are imported from the UK. I am hoping someone could let me know if this car has been CAT registered. Engine no. WDD2040772F228880...
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    My new W212 E500 Sport

    Came home yesterday. A few pics to share :cool:
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    Complete Sport brake set W209 W203 R171

    I was clearing out my garage to make way for the E500 and I stumbled across the original Sport brakes from my CLK. They were taken off my car when it had 3700 miles from new, and were forgotten until today! I reckon an hour or so with a wire brush and some brake solvent and you will have a...
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    I'm back with another MB!

    The engine note is a very civilised woofle, unlike the AMG V8s that bark and snarl as the revs climb. Considering the capacity of this engine, it is very understressed. It will never be a sport saloon but as a motorway cruiser with the ability to snap overtake with a flex of the right ankle...
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    I'm back with another MB!

    Due to unforseen circumstances, I had to cancel my order for the estate ..... Perhaps, it might be an excuse for being impatient, as of today I am the proud owner of this mint 2009 E500 Sport saloon in stunning Palladium Silver :rock: Car needs a couple of paintwork touching up, but...
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    I'm back with another MB!

    That's exactly what the salesman said. Also, this car will be for keeps; hence, buying new and the unique spec. And the E500 sounds really sweet. Hi Greg, I've had my fun on the tracks, unlikely to be doing anymore in the future.
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    I'm back with another MB!

    Fancied a larger family car and was caught between the X5 and the ML420CDI. Visited the dealer last week and he suggested an alternative I never thought of until now ..... So today I ordered my W212 E500 Sport estate, in Designo Mystic White :rock: Black nappa leather with white...
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    Classic Mercedes Pictures

    This little gem currently sits in MB World :cool:
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    Classic Mercedes Pictures

    Modern era AMGs. 'Classics' of tomorrow? .......
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    2010 Mercedes E Class Coupe Almost Undisguised

    A baby CL ..... very nice :cool:
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    91 ONE on a ........ what else? :p
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    New BMW Z4

    BMW smashed it with the performance roadster. Top design, and I'm sure given my past experience with a Z4M, this new one will be nothing short of exhilarating to drive.
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    Future classics

    Agreed. The SL55 redefined AMG of the modern era.
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    Honda to quit Formula 1!

    With sales down by 41%, running an F1 team in the current economic climate is a liability. The axe is out.
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    CLK 500 Cab or SLK350?????

    Not at all. The E39 M5 with it's 5.0L V8 is a completely different drive. It feels significantly more potent than the CLK500 or even CLK55, although rated at 400BHP. The way it revs to the red line gives it the typical M-power performance feel.
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