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  1. horatio

    Mercedes W124 Coupe

    Rust, esp areas like the rear subframe mounts would be the killer for me. Only you know your ability with a spanner and how much time & money you’re willing to input. A good one is a wonderful car, especially for cruising around on a sunny day with the pillarless windows down The big six is...
  2. horatio

    Dear Deidre I’m conservative and I drive a Mercedes

    Using a tablet for an argument on the interwebs is fine by me - as long as it’s not screwed to a dashboard and being used in the outside lane of the M1. TBH I find touch screens in cars bloody irritating and I can’t believe they are allowed for basic functions and aren’t programmed to be...
  3. horatio

    w211 320 petrol estate low miles jap import

    I like jap imports a lot but the 3.2 V6 is such a no man’s land engine in that big estate.
  4. horatio

    Mercedes build quality

    If you define build quality kind of literally then a Rolls is a great shout because of the sheer attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into the interior and bodywork. However, the bones are essentially BMW and judging by how well a modern 7 series lasts :eek: If you consider it...
  5. horatio

    Mercedes build quality

    Toyota/Lexus Honestly I wouldn't buy a modern German car out of warranty. Most of them are money pits.
  6. horatio

    R129 underbody car protection

    That original rubberised underseal is evil when it starts peeling, it can hide all sorts of sins. I have had great success with POR15 - I painted the 190's subframe mount areas with it years ago with no signs of deterioration yet. Use metal prep and give it a good few coats.
  7. horatio

    So, a W211 E500...

    V8's make music, not noise! I mostly agree but a total lack of exhaust note would be a waste considering what we fork out for fuel IMO. A nice subtle burble on acceleration without annoying drone is what I would aim for, easily achievable.
  8. horatio

    W124 cutting out (fuel incompatible?)

    They are notorious for eating through dizzy caps. A bad ignition coil caused cutting out on my 190 years back, cheap fix. I believe thats rare though.
  9. horatio

    So, a W211 E500...

    I would tweak the exhaust to gain a subtle burble and enjoy it for what it is. Relaxing cruiser with a smooth V8. They don't make cars like that any more.
  10. horatio

    How serious is this damage?

    Yep. Mechanically its undamaged and the rails are fine. The metalwork behind the headlight is mangled though. I'll whip the broken headlight out today to have a better look. It's a rust free car with a/c and I recently carried out a bunch of maintenance (front arms/bushes, rear shocks...
  11. horatio

    How serious is this damage?

    I can get a replacement wing, headlight and bumper on eBay for not much and I’m pretty sure a dent wizard could pull the bonnet corner into shape as it’s not creased. Just a matter of how costly it would be to pull that inner wing into shape and get everything painted. If I can get the job done...
  12. horatio

    How serious is this damage?

    The 190 has had a lowish speed bump on the left corner (not me!). It needs a new bumper, left headlight and wing. Probably bonnet. More concerning is the crumpling to the inner wing. Just how hard would this be for a body shop to straighten? The rails look fine. Just wondering whether it’s...
  13. horatio

    Not BAD for a 89'er

    I have just never grown bored of driving the 190, it wafts along so nicely and just makes me feel relaxed and content! I wish it was a 2.6 though.
  14. horatio

    Coronavirus: What happens to auction prices for an SL55 when there's a public health scare?

    In todays market it is worth approximately 5 bottles of carex, a gas mask and a family pack of loo rolls (quilted).
  15. horatio

    CLS350 or S350

    I wouldn't necessarily rule out an ex-carriage S class. I know someone who drives these things for a swanky hotel, they are kept in absolutely immaculate condition.
  16. horatio

    Too Much Oil

    Theres still a tube, it just has a little red handle instead of a proper dipstick.
  17. horatio

    190E Wiper woes

    The stoopid plastic gear has stripped a tooth. The gears dont seem to be available new and there are no s/h linkages on ebay at the mo. Anyone know if the arm piece with the tooth from a W124 would fit the 190's wiper gearbox? The rest of the mechanism is in great condition. Another option is...
  18. horatio

    MB - The best or nothing....maybe not any more...

    Darn, hope you didn't lose too much :( I'm not entirely surprised - I rented a Ford Fusion (basically a Mondeo) a few months ago and couldn't believe how bad it was.
  19. horatio

    Sprinter 4x4 buying advice

    Would diesel quality in South America be good enough for a modern diesel? There's the VW Crafter too.
  20. horatio

    Ev's dangerous?

    They should have one of those propellers a plane has as a backup in case all of the engines fail. A V8 in the boot could engage and blow the car like a hovercraft into a nearby field. Anyone have Musk's email?
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