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    Om651 c204 2011

    I know MB Grangemouth is Arnold Clark, but their Service Reception guy, Stuart, is an ex mechanic and knows his stuff. I've never found them to 'try it on' and they don't overdo costings for jobs that they know can be done in less than the 'book' time. One of my cars was into Newbridge at least...
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    W205 c200

    If yours is a C200 petrol it may be a NOx sensor as they can go faulty on petrols as well as diesels. On the other hand if a diesel, it almost certainly will be a the NOx sensors as they seem to fail regularly. You may get it sorted under goodwill, though, as MB recognise that there are on-going...
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    What made you look to Mercedes? What car or situation..

    In the late 90s, I had a couple of business trips and asked for automatics. Europcar to their credit gave me W202s for the first two trips and a W210 for the third - and I was hooked. up till then we had had various manual Passats and my wife took a bit of convincing that auto was the way to go...
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    Problem with transmission from hybrid drive to motor, pls help!

    STAR is MB's standard computer-based diagnostic system which analyses the examined vehicle system-by-system recording codes that should hopefully point the technician in the direction of the fault. If need be, these codes can be further broken down to pin-point the exact least, that's...
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    Problem with transmission from hybrid drive to motor, pls help!

    If you do a search on here, you will find that the systems on these cars are horrendously complicated and even MB-trained techys struggle with them. Sadly you are out of warranty, but I would think your best bet would be to get it to an MB garage and get them to check the Codes on STAR. As...
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    Rattle in W204 C200 CGI

    Did you change the tensioner when you did the chain. What condition were the chain wheels in? Ernie
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    SL500 re-starting problem

    I had a similar situation many years ago following a run in a car that had virtually no electronics. In this case, the car wouldn't start on the battery when hot but started easily using starter when cold and the starting handle when hot. ...for those of you who remember these things! It turned...
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    MOT failure :(

    I was interested to note that my last car failed its MOT for lack of fluid in the washer reservoir. This was by the garage (MB) I traded it in to and I know for a fact that the washers were full when I left the car. This was the only FAIL item and no other advisories. I can only assume that the...
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    W205 Sport C Class with wood trim?

    I think they may have changed the options list from when mine was built (2017-8). Can you not have the black as but without the clock? Ernie
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    2019 Command browser discontinued.

    Actually, it wasn't much use anyway so shouldn't be a miss; it was far too slow. It would be better if MB sorted the software to make it useable! Ernie
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    W205 Sport C Class with wood trim?

    It was one of the options. Personally I prefer the black ash trim as in my own car but really it is each to his/her own. Ernie
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    Ml 350 Software recall and knock sensors

    I've just had to have one of mine replaced under warranty. The car was serviced in January and the Engine Management update applied. I don't think that was the cause as my codes were read last year and the AA man said there was a low reading on one of them. MB are still replacing them FOC, even...
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    Ml 350 Software recall and knock sensors

    Think you mean the NOx sensors which control the injection of AdBlue which reduces the pollution from the oxides of nitrogen. They are troublesome and have been updated several times, but still they fail. If you had to pay for their replacement yourself, you would be looking at £1200 or...
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    Brake pedal feels crap ‍♂️

    The full length of the car? ERnie
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    Rear Seat Stuck Upright - I FIXED IT!!!

    Doubt it; last time he was here was in March 2015! Ernie
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    LOTS of water in rear footwell W205

    Not specific to the 205 necessarily, I've seen water ingress via doors after a door panel had been off and the interior plastic shield not replaced properly. I'm not sure about the battery covers; my current car has different covers from the last one (2014). However, if this was the problem I...
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    W205 - Boot closing requires slamming boot lid

    If you don't have the auto option (only on Premium /or Premium Plus, I think) check that the latch is staying open on it's spring after being released, otherwise you will be hitting a closed latch when you try to close the lid which will then bounce back. You may need a new latch if the spring...
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    C180 Sport

    MOT history suggests front discs may be required at some point. Also check for rust repairs around the front/rear wings and door bottoms. I had a 180 on hire once and found it a bit sluggish, but lovely to drive. Check that it has had its transmission oil changed and that its service history is...
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    Good to now

    Agree about the start-stop system, but not sure about the handbrake comment! If the engine is running and gear selected, the drive goes to the transmission, hence you feel the 'creep'. The start-stop module on the 205s seems to be short-lived, so like many others here, I feel that's not a bad thing.
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    Jag to Merc

    Horses for courses is the best answer! That said if buying new, hybrids might be ok as under warranty; out of Manufacturer's warranty a good extended warranty is essential due to potential repair costs. I think I would probably stick with petrol with your usage, though! Ernie
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