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    62-regs out soon

    Sigh. I feel the need to keep this going. There's nothing for 69=BG, although the sort of people that like this game will probably find enough titillation from the number itself. $ cat /usr/share/dict/words | egrep '^[a-hk-prstvwxy][a-y]ig[a-hj-pr-z]{3}$' | tr 'a-z' 'A-Z' | sed s/IG/19/...
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    62-regs out soon

    Only DOGTROT and RAGTAGS for 67 = GT. Few more for 18 = IB, and a trio for each of 18 = LB and 68 = GB: $ cat /usr/share/dict/words | egrep '^[a-hk-prstvwxy][a-y]ib[a-hj-pr-z]{3}$' | tr 'a-z' 'A-Z' | sed s/IB/18/ BR18ERY CR18BED DR18BLE DR18LET ED18LES FO18LES GL18BER TR18UNE TR18UTE $ cat...
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    62-regs out soon

    My dictionary must have been too polite to pick this one up. SH is included in the Glasgow identifiers (SA–SJ, no SI) — I wonder if they'll issue any SH17 plates?
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    62-regs out soon

    $ cat /usr/share/dict/words | egrep '^[a-hk-prstvwxy][a-y]it[a-hj-pr-z]{3}$' | tr 'a-z' 'A-Z' | sed s/IT/17/ AG17ATE BL17HER BL17ZED BL17ZES BR17TLE CR17TER ED17ORS EM17TED EP17APH EP17HET EP17OME FL17TED FR17TER GA17ERS GL17TER GO17ERS GO17RES GR17TED GU17ARS KN17TED KN17TER LO17ERS NE17HER...
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    62-regs out soon

    And here it is, on a nice low-key car:
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    Number plate opinions?

    Cheers. Just trying to be helpful. Maybe it's just me, but I find unpunctuated blocks of text really hard to read, and I assume you took the time to write that so that people would want to read it. I'll just keep quiet next time and skip over your posts. :rolleyes:
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    W211 Parking Break Warning Light / Alarm?

    My 06 (post-facelift, so like yours) S211 bonged at me and flashed up a red "Park brake applied!" or similar.
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    Number plate opinions?

    If you want people to read what you write, please use capital letters, full stops and paragraphs. What you've written is far too hard to read. Compare what you have with: Well I have never bothered with a personal plate until my son suggested it. He had seen plates on the DVLA site, so a few...
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    This Mercedes myth can't be true?! or can it?

    I must be mistaken then. I'm sure the Vauxhall staff were getting all excited about something. Perhaps it was the first computer-generated multi-faceted reflector, or Opel's first attempt at it, which would be much less impressive...
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    This Mercedes myth can't be true?! or can it?

    I seem to remember being at the UK motor show where the Sintra was launched, and noting their claim that it was the first car where the headlamp beam was entirely produced by the multi-faceted computer-designed reflector rather than any lens effect from the clear, plain cover. anorak mode off...
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    Cyclist with a low doesn't end well.

    A friend of mine did exactly this getting a move on on a mountain bike and piled into the back of a parked van. Entirely his fault, and he was liable for the £1200 repair costs to the roof (back in 1993). No serious injuries, fortunately. Cyclists who join the CTC get free third-party insurance...
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    Calling DPF Experts

    VED is purely down to CO2. The emissions regulations are mandatory: your Eu4 car cannot be registered as new any more.
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    Calling DPF Experts

    Why? Are they giving you a problem so bad that the best solution is to drastically increase the noxious emissions of your car? Euro 4 doesn't actually mandate catalytic converters: we just don't have a way of achieving it without. Vehicle excise duty (tax) is based on CO2, which is...
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    What makes a good merc ad?

    I took loads of pictures of mine deliberately including all the bad bits (scuff, minor rust patch, stone chips on paint and windscreen) with full description in the ad, as I'm far too conscientious to lie about condition. That way, there's nothing to try to excuse when a potential buyer shows...
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    56 plate E class w211 320cdi sport full closure

    Your one-touch-up windows may need resetting — check if the door window switches raise the windows fully with a single "press". If not (e.g. after a battery disconnect), the key won't either. To reset each window, close fully with the door switch, briefly release the switch then lift it again...
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    OM646 Serpentine belt tensioner oscillation

    I would have expected to need a longer breaker bar than that! :D Seriously though, it's quite easy. I released mine to change the belt with a standard socket set ratchet handle without a lot of force. Hard to say if yours is tight enough, but it doesn't take a lot of force.
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    Service a-h

    A-H indicates the car's idea of duration of service labour time. The numbers 1-15 are the actual service items (see below). You can access the list of what the car believes needs doing via the cluster (maybe not on the earliest W211s?). The dealers use A and B for minor / major service. You...
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    2006 S211 E220CDI Avantgarde facelift E-Class estate

    Provisionally sold, subject to payment and collection at the weekend.
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    Burnt oil smell!

    Black death would be my guess, if this is a diesel. With the engine cover off and the engine running, look / listen for the chuffing of gases escaping around the injectors, with black tar-like deposits if it's been doing it for a while. If you've caught it early, it's not as bad as the name...
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