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  1. Oldlae

    Strange whining noise - possible alternator or AC compressor?

    It is hopefully the idler pulley bearing. Tony
  2. Oldlae

    New tyre tread depth.

    The last Michelins I fitted to my 'Munich airport taxi' (which will be the last ones I buy for this car) appeared to be half worn when new, and proved not to be good value, the rears wore out in 9,000 miles and the fronts in 18,000. Not good value. Tony
  3. Oldlae

    W213 factory tow bar retro fit

    I approached Witter to get a tow bar fitted, they quoted about £600. I then went to a tow bar specialist who charged me £430 for the same thing. When I told them what I had been quoted by Witter, he just shrugged his shoulders and said 'they do' Buy a Witter bar from a dealer, made for the car...
  4. Oldlae

    Please no...

    MB trying desperately to catch up with the iconic BMW and RR current styling! Tony
  5. Oldlae

    The Disappearing Bulge

    Air bleeding out and causing a bubble between the plies. Tonyh
  6. Oldlae

    Fantastic Fuel Economy

    The most MPG I have seen on my S204 was 50.5, that was achieved after 120 miles or so. I get the impression the figure continues climbing the longer you drive in one go, the sky would be the limit if you have a good bladder! Tony
  7. Oldlae

    today's incidents

    There are people who drive and control cars, and lots of passengers, who ride in the driver's seat, clearly unaware of what is expected of someone filling that seat. Tony
  8. Oldlae

    Spare key

    Someone has the other key..............that would seriously worry me. Tony
  9. Oldlae

    8 Litres of Petrol in a CDi

    Not too much to worry about, aviation personnel have been running their Diesel cars on Jet A1 Kerosene mixed with Diesel since time immemorial. You can also use a kerosene mix in your petrol powered car, but its a bit smokey and you upset the Police and HMRC. Tony
  10. Oldlae

    Sticking tailgate

    I have done it on my S204 where they are not covered. Tony
  11. Oldlae

    Sticking tailgate

    Replacing the gas struts is a COMPLETE doddle, can be done in five minutes, all you need is a small screwdriver to dislodge the spring clip on the ball and socket end fittings. Tony
  12. Oldlae

    Engine sounds different after oil change?

    All engine's sound sweeter after an oil change....Fact. Tony
  13. Oldlae

    Sticking tailgate

    I purchased two new struts for £25 from a parts dealer in Germany, Google the struts. Tony
  14. Oldlae

    Parking lamp warnings

    Read your handbook! On my S204 you just use the buttons on the steering wheel. Tony
  15. Oldlae

    Parking lamp warnings

    I had the message remain on after replacing the bulbs.....cancel the message manually. Tony
  16. Oldlae

    Tyre pressures in winter?

    I'm sad enough to use nice brass valve caps painted yellow.......they make my 'Munich Taxi' go like the corporate jet that they were fitted to, in their first life. Tony
  17. Oldlae

    Should there be some sort of competency test...

    Compounded by driving at least 20mph too fast for the road conditions, with a fixed glazed expression on their face. Tony
  18. Oldlae

    Longest time you have kept a car

    I have owned my 1976 VW T2 camper, 42 years. Was 30 when I purchased it new in Nigeria, now knocking 73! Tony
  19. Oldlae

    It should be illegal to service/fix your own car

    I am a retired, licenced aircraft maintenance engineer with 50 years experience, who was held legally responsible for the maintenance carried out,...... and I should not be allowed to maintain my own car?? The bottom line is, an owner of a vehicle, driven on the public roads, is legally...
  20. Oldlae

    Is this the most unroadworthy car?

    My brother in law had an old Ford popular that breathed a lot from the crankcase, he too fitted a piece of hose to take the problem to the back bumper. All was well for a couple of days, then the crankcase cracked due to the back pressure! Tony
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